Friday, August 19, 2011

have you heard of wildtree?

i'm not a big fan of home parties.  after living in a small town where a week didn't go by without a pampered chef, stampin' up, party lite, silpada, or mary kay party that i had to attend, i swore off attending any more when we moved.

then my sis-in-law amy started selling wildtree.  and we went to her house for a tasting party.  and you know me, i love to stuff my face.  everything i've tried is so good!  i especially love the hot chili pepper and garlic dip.  troy likes their rancher steak rub and chipotle lime rub.  anyways, the prices are comparable to buying name brand spices in the store.

in july, they had a special where you could buy the business builder kit for $49(normally $99).  so i signed up with amy, and my big box of goodies came yesterday.

this is a 24" wide drawer, and it's stuffed full!
 besides all those full size items, i got all these host samples too! so far, i've made beer bread and alfredo sauce - just add liquids, mix, and you're ready to cook!  for $65, we got all that food, including several bottles of grapeseed oil.  which troy prefers for grilling, something about it has a higher smoke point?  even at the full price, it's still a good deal.

i have zero plans to sell anything, or make my friends host parties, but i am so excited to have all these mixes in the pantry, and get 20% off!  i'm going to give all the catalogs and stuff to amy to use, but if you're interested in buying something, go to amy's website and check it out!

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Sara said...

Oh you are so funny! It is true though everywhere you go there are endless invites to parties like the ones you mentioned. I will have to admit though I love Pampered Chef stuff even though it is pricey;)

Never heard of Wild tree though. Oh no here we go!!


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