Tuesday, August 9, 2011

make a splash

hard to believe, but sawyer will be one year old soon!

he shares his birthday month with two cousins, ava and claire.  it's been miserably hot here, so we decided to have their birthday party at the pool.  of course, the day of the party, it was a lot cooler and rained off and on all day, but the weather held out, yay! 

we rented the public pool from 6:30-8:00.  next time we will definitely rent it for more people, it's huge.  (and there were so many more people i wanted to invite)!  it's a nice pool, with slides and play stuff.  the kids were super excited!

troy's already talking about doing it again next summer.  the best part?  not having to clean our house for the party.

i had some ideas for a theme, but turned to pinterest to get inspired!  and aesthetic nest came through just in time with printable decorations (free in august!), saving me loads of time trying to design my own.

i used her pdf for loot bag tags and cupcake toppers.  i also put a few on a bunting, but it was windy and i didn't want it to blow in the pool, so i didn't even hang it up.  isn't that the way it goes?

grow your own sea creature capsules, water guns, candy, and leis for the party favor bags.  for the baby guests, i got squirt bath toys and little board books, along with whale crackers.

the loot bags are just large lunch sacks with the circles glue dotted on - note to self, buy a circle punch.  seriously.

i made rainbow batter cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes and clam cookies, made from voortman shortbread cookies, icing, and yogurt raisins.

fresh fruit and vegetables, hummus dip, chips and salsa, crackers and cheese to snack on.  thanks to my sis-in-laws for taking care of all that!! i had planned to take a lot more pictures, but spent most of the party in the pool with sawyer.  he loves the water!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!! Hope you enjoyed the water as much as possible little guy!!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Wow, what an awesome party! And yay for Pinterest :D

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Aww happy almost birthday to your adorable baby boy!! Crazy how fast time flies. My little guy also just turned one. Good luck on all the planning. Pinterest is a great place you are going to find so many wonderful ideas!


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