Friday, August 5, 2011

moving along

finished my do. good stitches blocks for july.  hoping to start on my august blocks today -  tired of running behind all the time!

and i started working on a project inspired by a tute i saw a few days back but can't find right now.  i need a coverup for sundays pool party, something to hide my spider bite(which is looking better, finally), and thought this might work out.  but as a dress, it's a bit too baggy around the chest.  not sure yet if i want to keep it as is (for a skirt) or try to take in the top. 

a couple other things to note - i used two different brand new tees from troy's closet (he didn't like them).  a grey stripe with side seams, and a red tube style knit.  which of course, means there are seams on the grey but not the red part.  i'll run a side seam down the entire thing to hide that fact.  i'd also like to do some topstitching to define the red stripes.  there's a little bubble effect going on at each seam, noticeable to me anyways.

we have sawyer's pool party this weekend, so i'm going to be busy making decorations and cupcakes for that!  can't wait to share pics, it's going to be so fun!  i love my little man!  he's walking now - can you believe it?!

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Lauranie said...

wow you really are moving along!! Love the grays in your quilt, beautiful!! I can't see any bubbles...but I'll take your word for it! :) It looks fantastic!! He is walking already??!! What a sweet little man!


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