Tuesday, September 27, 2011

halloween fliers

the school carnival is fast approaching - and i had promised PTO i'd set up a facebook event. so i decided to create a flier while i was at it!

created with picnik.
i have no idea what i'm doing.  but it's fun figuring it all out.
i also have no idea if the date is even correct, because i missed the last meeting.  i'm just guessing.
yay for the cake walk!  i have a ghost cake pan.  i'm thinking i'll do chocolate cake with 7 minute frosting, it's so fluffy and light, perfect for a ghost!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

more progress!

the root cellar is started!  troy & my dad poured the concrete floor yesterday, and let the kids put their handprints in it.  well, sawyer kept grabbing the concrete in a fist, so we finally got one with his fingers and called it good.  tuesday they will pour the walls, and then next weekend the ceiling! 

backstory - we're country folk, and we haul our water in from town, there are no water lines down our road.  as the family has grown, it's become a much bigger chore to keep up with the need.  so we're digging a well.  there was a cistern system in place when we bought the home, and we'll keep that set-up.  but instead of pouring in water from a tank in the back of the truck (SO MUCH FUN IN THE WINTER!), we'll be collecting our own water, running it through a treatment system, and then into a holding tank.  then a pump brings the water into the house.  so the cellar will hold all of the equipment, and also provide canned goods storage!

one other change is that we can remove the smaller water tank from the laundry room, and i gain about 2 extra feet of floor space.  hoping i can make a shelving unit to hold laundry baskets.  something like this would be great (via pinterest):

 love this one too, but my baskets need to go the other direction. 

i've also jumped on the pinterest bandwagon and started making my own laundry soap.  and it smells like sunshine and dreams coming true.  it is seriously awesome.  and pretty.  and cheap.

this is my second batch, and since i still have tons of the ingredients, i should be able to make 2 more batches.  i have a 10 year old top-loader with agitator though - not sure how it would work in a HE or front load.  anyone know? 

hope you're having a great weekend - we had a family afternoon yesterday at cornstock, watching weiner dog races and going out for mexican food after. 

next weekend promises to be just as busy, with zach's 4th birthday, the Quilts on the Quad show, a cheerleading clinic, a friend's annual white trash trailer bash, and a cousin's trap shoot.  all on saturday.  at least next sunday we just have the church dinner.  it truly will be a day of rest!

Friday, September 23, 2011

vintage sheet blocks

in the mail yesterday i got two more bee vintage blocks!  thanks to everybody!!  that makes 12, enough for a top.

i love the "bold gold"!

i played around with the layout today - white sashing, definitely.

or i may split these blocks up - i'd love to do an all yellow top.  or i'd like to make more blocks with solid, striped or dotted borders.  decisions decisions!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

canning & stitching

i have some of my september do. good stitches blocks finished, and can i say how much i love this color combo?!

i'm having a hard time with the colors though.  i still don't think my purples & oranges are right.  they are fun to make though.

i canned a bunch of onion & pepper relish this week, and wanted to share the link!  it's really good - it tastes a lot like pepper jelly, but it's runnier and not quite as sweet.  i guess it's similar to harry & david's brand, but since i haven't compared, i can only say this version is yum!

pretty easy, but i did burn my thumbs with the peppers, and it definitely used every smidgen of space in my 6qt. stock pot (NOT 3qt. like I said earlier!).  i was worried it might bubble over, but it ended up ok.  next time, i will use a bigger pot! 

it makes an entire case of jelly jars and a few extra.  i wish i'd had some little 4 oz. jars on hand - those are so cute!  i'm thinking these will be great holiday gifts.  i'll make up a hang tag in festive colors, and tie with twine.  yes, i'm already planning.  i am getting old i guess!

baby sawyer's growing every day, he's such a happy little guy!  have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in the works

more garage sale goodness!

this chunk of home dec fabric was 50 cents - and it's perfect for recovering this step stool i got yard saleing last year!  troy wants it out of the garage, so i'm finally recovering the cushion. 

i took the cushion off and took it apart to use as a pattern.  i threw away all the batting - it was gross. 

up next, stitching the new cover, filling with batting, and sanding down the metal!  i want to keep the yellow as much as possible, but a few spots are rusted and need some love.  not sure how i'll deal with that yet.  i also have no idea where this little stool will live, but i love it.  and i have lots of fabric left over too!

also working on cutting orange squares for a swap and knocking out my bee blocks.  i have bulbs to plant and iris to divide if the ground is dry enough today.  ready set go!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


i love garage sale weekend!

my mom and i went friday, and we loaded the van full of treasures.  we have very different tastes, though, and more than once she asked "now what are you going to do with that?"  it was fun to reply "put it in my shop!" so watch for new additions later this week - including vintage sheet fabric bundles!

here's my fave finds:

i love those wood crates, they will be perfect for storing gloves and hats.  and the basket was immediately claimed by my kids for their play food.  (even though i was planning to use it to hold cookie cutters)

i also found a jumbo pom-pom maker (for 25 cents!), it makes two sizes!  i have used up several oddball skeins from my yarn box making these pretty poofs.  these are so fun!  and they are big, baseball and softball sized! 

any bets on how long it takes my kids to destroy them?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a work in progress

paper mache letter for a friend.

sawyer is everywhere these days - and loves to stick his chubby fingers in my projects. 

*help please - any cool ideas for attaching a hanger to the back of the letter?  

on the cutting table:

fabrics for do. good stitches blocks

happy crafting!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

quilt in a day!

i'm home, taking a break from ball tourney fun so sawyer can catch a nap.  i thought i'd write up a quick post about my amazing afternoon yesterday!

i told you i missed kcmqg thursday night - my bro-in-law was bringing his skid loader over to help troy work on some construction stuff, and so his wife and kids came to play too.  amy and i were chatting - she's been learning to quilt! - and she mentioned there was something quilty happening the next day in garnett.  since i had already planned to be in garnett for the shop hop, i worked it out so i could go to the show!  

pat knoechel, elenor burns' sister, came back to garnett for another quilt in a day program!  remember when i saw her last year?  this trip was to show us how to make the radiant star behind us.  so simple, really, once she broke it down, i realized i can do that!  there were lots of quilts to see, and she puts on such a nice show.  she's friendly and funny and personable.

here's a bunch of crappy pictures of the amazing quilts.

and here are some quilts made from quilt in a day patterns - shared by members of the pieces and patches quilt guild in garnett.

so i got my quilt fix!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i'm spying

i finally started on some i-spy quilts  -  i am using a disappearing nine patch for a boy version, and lula's i-spy block for a girl version!

the boy one has a (slightly obnoxious) turquoise blue fabric i found yards of thrifting awhile back. i am using it for the sashing, with a bright dot print for the centers.  the dots are sort of getting lost in the cutting though - may have to rethink this.  go with a smaller print.

the girl version has white sashing, and i am trying to avoid dark colors and keep it light and pretty.  some of the prints are so precious, i've been collecting these for several years now and it's pretty liberating to finally begin using them!  my kids don't really need more blankets, so these may become charity quilts or make their way into my etsy shop.

i've also been pulling fabrics for my do. good stitches blocks for september.  grape, tangerine, gray, and white.  yeah, not too many of those in my stash.  so i stopped in my LQS today, and they were having their fall crawl shop hop!  10% off and prize drawings, hooray!  tomorrow i will go to garnett to hit my other LQS, and see what they have going on. 

my wonky improv block
 i had to miss KCMQG tonight.  jacquie gering, our pres, is leaving us to move to chicago.  so we all made secret signature quilt blocks, and they are presenting the finished quilt to her at the end of the meeting.  wish i could have been there!  this meeting was also to firm up plans for the quilts on the quad show at UMKC Oct. 1st - looks like i may not be helping with it after all.  it never fails - my husband always has something more "important" to do.  like work.  sheesh.  you'd think it pays the bills or something.

busy weekend ahead - the annual KofC ball tournament (in memory of my husband's dad) and greeley smoke-off!  back to you soon!


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