Thursday, September 22, 2011

canning & stitching

i have some of my september do. good stitches blocks finished, and can i say how much i love this color combo?!

i'm having a hard time with the colors though.  i still don't think my purples & oranges are right.  they are fun to make though.

i canned a bunch of onion & pepper relish this week, and wanted to share the link!  it's really good - it tastes a lot like pepper jelly, but it's runnier and not quite as sweet.  i guess it's similar to harry & david's brand, but since i haven't compared, i can only say this version is yum!

pretty easy, but i did burn my thumbs with the peppers, and it definitely used every smidgen of space in my 6qt. stock pot (NOT 3qt. like I said earlier!).  i was worried it might bubble over, but it ended up ok.  next time, i will use a bigger pot! 

it makes an entire case of jelly jars and a few extra.  i wish i'd had some little 4 oz. jars on hand - those are so cute!  i'm thinking these will be great holiday gifts.  i'll make up a hang tag in festive colors, and tie with twine.  yes, i'm already planning.  i am getting old i guess!

baby sawyer's growing every day, he's such a happy little guy!  have a great weekend everyone!


Sara said...

You have been busy,the relish looks yummy:)

Nikki said...

my tomatoes haven't done well this year. The bushes look good, flower lots but give me tiny tomatoes that don't turn red very often. I'm jealous that you're canning. I didn't do any of that this year, although I bought an antique canning pot with a basket inside. I should be ALL ready for next summer...

Sorry I haven't called for a play date. Seems like we're always running back and forth to school picking up or dropping off. Friday mornings are good for us... But Wyatt has school at 12:30.

KaHolly said...

However do yo find the time to blog, sew, and can; can, sew, and blog?! Everything looks yummy, blocks, relish, and baby!!


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