Thursday, September 8, 2011

i'm spying

i finally started on some i-spy quilts  -  i am using a disappearing nine patch for a boy version, and lula's i-spy block for a girl version!

the boy one has a (slightly obnoxious) turquoise blue fabric i found yards of thrifting awhile back. i am using it for the sashing, with a bright dot print for the centers.  the dots are sort of getting lost in the cutting though - may have to rethink this.  go with a smaller print.

the girl version has white sashing, and i am trying to avoid dark colors and keep it light and pretty.  some of the prints are so precious, i've been collecting these for several years now and it's pretty liberating to finally begin using them!  my kids don't really need more blankets, so these may become charity quilts or make their way into my etsy shop.

i've also been pulling fabrics for my do. good stitches blocks for september.  grape, tangerine, gray, and white.  yeah, not too many of those in my stash.  so i stopped in my LQS today, and they were having their fall crawl shop hop!  10% off and prize drawings, hooray!  tomorrow i will go to garnett to hit my other LQS, and see what they have going on. 

my wonky improv block
 i had to miss KCMQG tonight.  jacquie gering, our pres, is leaving us to move to chicago.  so we all made secret signature quilt blocks, and they are presenting the finished quilt to her at the end of the meeting.  wish i could have been there!  this meeting was also to firm up plans for the quilts on the quad show at UMKC Oct. 1st - looks like i may not be helping with it after all.  it never fails - my husband always has something more "important" to do.  like work.  sheesh.  you'd think it pays the bills or something.

busy weekend ahead - the annual KofC ball tournament (in memory of my husband's dad) and greeley smoke-off!  back to you soon!


Sara said...

My local LQS is going to have a shop hop at the end of next week. Thinking of doing it,but then I have to drag the 3 yr old with me!

Lauranie said...

LOVE that wonky improv block!! Grays are just making me happy these days! I don't know...I kinda like the big dots, it breaks up the solids!! I don't think the color is obnoxious...more like bright and cheery ;) Well back to "work" for a 9 yo to plan...GAH!!


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