Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in the works

more garage sale goodness!

this chunk of home dec fabric was 50 cents - and it's perfect for recovering this step stool i got yard saleing last year!  troy wants it out of the garage, so i'm finally recovering the cushion. 

i took the cushion off and took it apart to use as a pattern.  i threw away all the batting - it was gross. 

up next, stitching the new cover, filling with batting, and sanding down the metal!  i want to keep the yellow as much as possible, but a few spots are rusted and need some love.  not sure how i'll deal with that yet.  i also have no idea where this little stool will live, but i love it.  and i have lots of fabric left over too!

also working on cutting orange squares for a swap and knocking out my bee blocks.  i have bulbs to plant and iris to divide if the ground is dry enough today.  ready set go!

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