Sunday, September 25, 2011

more progress!

the root cellar is started!  troy & my dad poured the concrete floor yesterday, and let the kids put their handprints in it.  well, sawyer kept grabbing the concrete in a fist, so we finally got one with his fingers and called it good.  tuesday they will pour the walls, and then next weekend the ceiling! 

backstory - we're country folk, and we haul our water in from town, there are no water lines down our road.  as the family has grown, it's become a much bigger chore to keep up with the need.  so we're digging a well.  there was a cistern system in place when we bought the home, and we'll keep that set-up.  but instead of pouring in water from a tank in the back of the truck (SO MUCH FUN IN THE WINTER!), we'll be collecting our own water, running it through a treatment system, and then into a holding tank.  then a pump brings the water into the house.  so the cellar will hold all of the equipment, and also provide canned goods storage!

one other change is that we can remove the smaller water tank from the laundry room, and i gain about 2 extra feet of floor space.  hoping i can make a shelving unit to hold laundry baskets.  something like this would be great (via pinterest):

 love this one too, but my baskets need to go the other direction. 

i've also jumped on the pinterest bandwagon and started making my own laundry soap.  and it smells like sunshine and dreams coming true.  it is seriously awesome.  and pretty.  and cheap.

this is my second batch, and since i still have tons of the ingredients, i should be able to make 2 more batches.  i have a 10 year old top-loader with agitator though - not sure how it would work in a HE or front load.  anyone know? 

hope you're having a great weekend - we had a family afternoon yesterday at cornstock, watching weiner dog races and going out for mexican food after. 

next weekend promises to be just as busy, with zach's 4th birthday, the Quilts on the Quad show, a cheerleading clinic, a friend's annual white trash trailer bash, and a cousin's trap shoot.  all on saturday.  at least next sunday we just have the church dinner.  it truly will be a day of rest!


Chiska said...

How fabulous for you! I was told about the laundry soap from a friend who has an HE front loader washer. So I'm saying it works. I made ours for a bit, but then it seemed to stop working which doesn't make sense, but it didn't seem to get things as clean as before.

aimee said...

I love the scent of Fels Naptha. I may have to give this a try after looking to see how much to use in an HE machine.

Love, love, love Harry & David's onion & pepper relish... thanks for the link!


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