Saturday, September 10, 2011

quilt in a day!

i'm home, taking a break from ball tourney fun so sawyer can catch a nap.  i thought i'd write up a quick post about my amazing afternoon yesterday!

i told you i missed kcmqg thursday night - my bro-in-law was bringing his skid loader over to help troy work on some construction stuff, and so his wife and kids came to play too.  amy and i were chatting - she's been learning to quilt! - and she mentioned there was something quilty happening the next day in garnett.  since i had already planned to be in garnett for the shop hop, i worked it out so i could go to the show!  

pat knoechel, elenor burns' sister, came back to garnett for another quilt in a day program!  remember when i saw her last year?  this trip was to show us how to make the radiant star behind us.  so simple, really, once she broke it down, i realized i can do that!  there were lots of quilts to see, and she puts on such a nice show.  she's friendly and funny and personable.

here's a bunch of crappy pictures of the amazing quilts.

and here are some quilts made from quilt in a day patterns - shared by members of the pieces and patches quilt guild in garnett.

so i got my quilt fix!


Sharon said...

Looks like a day well spent!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Those quilts are AMAZING - what great inspiration!


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