Thursday, October 27, 2011

and now,

top five things warming my heart these days:

homemade punkin' art

our daughter laying her outfit out the night before for picture day.  it included a necklace we made together.  awwww.

last night's chili.  i wish that was a joke.

these fun fabrics in my snail mail.  thanks so much to my new friend karin, who answered my SOS on twitter and helped me finish my halloween quilt top.  she also sent me enough of them that i have the back planned as well!  check out her adorable bottle wraps.  and i love this bird embroidered towel.  that could be a good hostess gift, note to self...

this box of photos.

imagine of you had taken one snapshot for each meaningful moment of your life, and put them all in a box.

our 1st couples costume

and you happened to come across that box on a rainy, quiet morning where the 4 year old sleeps in, (hallelujah!)

leaving the church in a wheelbarrow!

 and then, realize that every step you've taken has led you right where you were supposed to be.   that's a really awesome feeling.

have a great day everyone!


Judi said...

Too funny! When we were married hubby's family tradition required him to haul me away in a wheel barrow. We had to go down the middle of main street in our small town (which also happens to be a main highway (25 mph in town) on the way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and a main route to Yellowstone ... on August 3rd - so you can imagine the tourists. Several pulled over and got their video cameras out :)

Sara said...

All my pics are online-just about!

That would be a really great feeling to go sifting through a box though:)

Nikki McDonald said...

This makes me smile. :)


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