Sunday, October 23, 2011

as promised...

oops!  forgot his eyebrows!

what a lot of fun!  there were some other great costumes - my sis-in-law was peter pan, her husband was tinkerbelly!

some other great costumes, which were very adult, so if you're easily offended, look away now!

i mean it!

may i present sherlock bones?

isn't that completely obscene and hilarious?  my husband's brother and his wife were a plug and socket.

lots of fun as always, and can't wait for next year!  any suggestions for good couples costumes?  this is an adults only event, so risque is okay.  i'd love to go as peg and al bundy sometime!


Sharon said...

Too funny!

Sara said...

Great couple you two make!! Thanks for sharing the pics Tammie!

♥Duff said...

Hilarious! Oh, it looks like everyone had a great time!

Lauranie said...

how O-fensive!! Love it!! teehee! Ya'll look great!!

Barbara Cook said...

You guys rock! you look so awesome. Have fun!

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