Saturday, October 22, 2011

bucket of brains, anyone?

the halloween carnival was a huge success!  i think everyone had a great time, and my fave event, the cake walk, was a hit too!  emma must have spent an hour, walking around the chairs, trying to win a cake.  it was always the chair right next to her that won.  she finally won some cookies though.  and now, we have two sheet cakes, two boxes of cookies, as well as the leftover cupcakes from making the brains.   can you say cake overload?

the brains in a jar were fun, and i didn't see who won the buckets, but i hope they loved them!  i also did cookie boxes with my husband's fave, marshmallow topped chocolate cookies.

our motley crew

the 25 cent raffle was awesome too, we all won stuff!  a huge bag of cat food (we have three cats - that's awesome!)  and a fun box of bath fizzies and jewelry, especially this gorgeous cuff bracelet.   have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself wearing a bracelet?  harder than you'd think.

for now, i'm sitting here, watching youtube videos of dolly & kenny, trying to get in character for tonight.  the kids don't get to have a sleepover after all, so the night will be a little tamer than planned.  but it will still be a blast - who are you dressing up as this year?  any great couple ideas for me - next year's party is only 365 days away! :)

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Kelli said...

Kenny and Dolly? AWESOME!


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