Wednesday, October 19, 2011

taking a bow

i have to pat myself on the back a little this morning.  i have been very productive lately!  i have my work for the halloween carnival done and i'm waiting for the final donations list to complete.  that is very unlike me.  i usually push deadlines to their limits.

i finished a quick little rag quilt for sawyer and have made huge progress on my halloween I-Spy.

i cut and bundled my fabrics for the christmas charm swap.

i finished my do. good stitches blocks before the end of the month!  woo hoo!

 i also had a few sales on etsy, and got them mailed off too.  i have some new items to list.  whew.  i need a nap.
 oh, but no naps for momma this week.  i still need to bake cupcakes for the cake walk at the carnival. i am going to make these awesome brains in a jar, if i can figure out a safe way for grade schoolers to carry around glass mason jars.  i'm thinking halloween buckets, so they'd be getting a bucket of brains!  so much fun, i can't wait.   i also need to make a birthday cake for emma.

then this weekend, troy and i have a night to ourselves.  my folks are keeping the kids for a sleepover!  we have a costume party to attend, we're going as dolly parton and kenny rogers.  remember all those jumbo pom-poms i made?  let's just say they are proving more useful than i thought.  pics to come, promise.


Sara said...

Busy lady you have certainly been;)

Love the quilts and please post pics of you and your hubby in your costumes;)

Lauranie said...

wow!!! super hero IMPRESSIVE!! I should do a rag quilt...yours looks sooo cute!! How about making a strap to carry the jars, then when they are done with that it can be used as a water bottle strap?? You know I like adding to your workload..HA!! BTW...LOVE LOVE LOVE the striped fabric!!! Thank you sooo much...I owe you BIG TIME!!!! xoxoxoxo


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