Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the finish line!

finished stitching 10 of 12 rows of wee woods together - gotta love chain piecing!

how do you stitch an elephant?  one block at a time...

this would go a lot faster if zach would stop sneaking bobbins to unwind all over the family room...

i'm trying so hard not to start another project until this quilt top is completed.  it's hard for me, peeps.  i have my fabrics laid out for my bottled rainbow block for do. good stitches, and i know it's going to be challenging, i'm no good at machine applique.  but i will do my best and maybe it will go smoothly.  but not until wee woods is done! she says in a stern voice.

i'm also dying to crack into this wonderland pattern!  i won a copy from mary anne over at quilt logic.  the pattern is from empty bobbin sewing studio, and like all of her patterns, it's very well written.  but you know, i am thinking this may never become a tree skirt.  i may just keep sewing blocks and make it a lap quilt.

simple, yet fun, and it would let me use a bunch of my ds quilts fabric i've been hoarding saving.   and i've had this pattern since the last guild meeting, so you can imagine the restraint it's taken!  i have my fabrics stacked up and ready to go.

i have been trying to avoid the black friday madness, but now it looks like i will be one of the fools at wallyworld at 10:00 thursday.  because of this.

paula deen aqua cookware.  love.  i only wish i were buying it for myself.  anyone have it/used it?  what do you think of it?  thinking of this for my MIL.  but if she doesn't like it, i'd be happy to take it off her hands...  dear paula/santa, if you're listening, i've been (mostly) good all year!

edited to add - holy crap!  there are all these horror stories of people's pans melting and glass shrapnel flying about from their PD pans purchased at target and walmart.  maybe i will rethink my gift idea!

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