Tuesday, November 8, 2011

habitat challenge, a lesson in procrastination

i'm working furiously at the last minute, like always, trying to complete my habitat challenge for the kc modern quilt guild.  our meeting is this thursday night, and we are supposed to have a finished project to share.

the details:
jay mccarroll gave habitat fabrics to modern quilt guilds across america
our guild got 6 fat eighths from the earth colorway
add in any color solids you want to use
no other prints unless they are from the habitat line.

i had planned to do the cover wagon wheel quilt from fons & porters scrap quilts book.  and i cut out all the wedges, and played with them on the design wall, then started trying to stitch it together.  i wanted my printed wedges to match from block to block, with navy, grey, and white solids and yellow centers.  somehow, i kept mixing them up!  and then i realized all the set in seams i was going to have to do.   back in august it was a goal.  now it's an impossible challenge!

so i rethought, and decided to do a table runner.  i can quilt that on my machine, and i thought it would still look cool.  i was planning to have the backing fold over and become the binding (is there a technical name for that?)  but after catching it in my quilting four or five times, i gave up and hacked the extra off.  so now i have to make binding strips and sew them on.  all those angles.  that should be interesting.  but, overall, i'm ok with it.  the quilting is crap, don't look at the back - and i have to applique the centers on still - i decided to do it last, not sure why since i kept catching my walking foot on the batting.  sigh.

also, the new kitty indie thinks my "design wall" (flannel backed tablecloth tacked to the wall) is his rock climbing wall.  so most of my "designs" end up on the floor.

i still think i want to make this quilt though.  i love the idea of how this would have looked...

lesson learned - ambition is good, but completion is better.  think i'll remember that next time?  nah, me neither ;)


Patty S. said...

Ah, so I'm down to the deadline, too! Glad it's not only me. Your table runner will be a hit.

Sara said...

I think I really like the quilt idea you had...you should do it after you finish the table runner and give yourself a break from looking at it for a month or so.


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