Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy haulidays!

chronicle books is having their 2nd annual happy haulidays!  here's the info!

Happy Haulidays is a book giveaway hosted by Chronicle Books. This contest is awesome!  Chronicle books is giving away $500 worth of books to 1 blogger, 1 commenter of said blogger's choice, and 1 charity of the blogger's choice.

i, of course, chose all craft books and kits!
look at these amazing titles available from chronicle!

1. girl's world 
2. vintage craft workshop
3. instant iron-ons
4. hot type
5. lotta jansdotter's handmade living
6. silhouette art
7. amy butler's style stitches
8. the sock monkey & friends kit
9. french general: treasured notions
10. everyday's a holiday
11. whip up mini quilts
12. embroidered effects
13. denyse schmidt quilts
14. lotta jansdotter's simple sewing for baby
15. the handy book of artistic printing
16. applique your way
17. lace knitting to go
18. instantly antique wall decals
19. cath kidston cupcake liners
20. cath kidston masking tape
21. button girl
22. mobile art
23. masterpiece studio
so of course those are what i want.  and the charity i would donate to is enchanted makeovers.  they transform shelters into "beautiful sanctuaries" and then take it a step further:

"Enchanted Makeovers’ unique projects, programs and events such as sewing classes, hands on cooking & baking classes, gardening, inside-out makeovers, journaling, stepping into the dream and capes for kids provide new solutions tailored to meet the needs of women and children who are living in shelters to re-build their lives. They provide a foundation for success that is missing in most shelter programs. We start by transforming the physical shelter space into an environment that inspires psychological and behavioral change. Creatively, focus, self-worth and optimism for the future are among the transformative results. The programs help to break down the walls of segregation between the shelter and the community while teaching coping skills and life skills. Volunteers and crafters are united from across the nation with the women and children, each given the opportunity to share their talents, share their story and shine their light."  
(excerpted directly from the enchanted makeover's website)

if you are interested in finding a charity to support - craft bits has a list of craft related organizations and there's sure to be something local in your area too!

now if you want to get in on this contest, just leave me a comment and tell me which book is on your wish list this christmas!  or tell me what charity is dear to your heart.  or just say hi!  maybe we'll win a bunch of books!


Sharon said...

The book I'm wanting now is Sew to Swap. I've seen it on a couple of blogs and it looks so interesting. Good luck with the book contest!

Colleen said...

Just saying Hi.
Undecided on which book I would choose but for a charity I would choose....TLC For Angels : TLC is involved in the making of handmade items for preemies, babies and children in need. They Select 4 hospitals a year to make donations to. Handmade items consist of hats, booties, blankets and toys.


Judi said...

Wow! What a prize. There are several books I would want - I'm a book-a-holic for sure! Just to name a couple... Quilts from Textured Solids, Urban Country Quilts, and Spotlight on Neutrals

Marcia W. said...

Denyse Schmidt's book
Wonderful prize

hsw said...

My favorite charity is Save the Children. Feel free to enter on my blog, too, good luck!

jcamp2020 said...

Love crafty things of all types and so do my grandkiddies! Now they want to try their hands at it! Love it.

good luck to both of us ;D

throuthehaze said...

some of these are on my list too :) Good luck!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Rhianna said...

What a unique charity. :)

I'd love to get my hands on Embroidered Effects. It's on my list for the Haulidays too.

Good luck and Happy Haulidays!

Kristy said...

Great list! We have lots of similar selections on our lists. Good luck!

Cheshire Kat said...

So many good picks!

TRAN! (www.thinktran.com) said...

Great list! Good luck!

Theresa said...

Great list! would love to win too! xx fingers crossed for us both! good luck!

Hello Cupcake said...

What a great list! Thanks for introducing me to a new charity!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

(forgot to add which book would be my favorite-and that would be Lace Knitting to Go, although I didn't include it in my own list - I concentrated on cookery for myself and on books and kits for the kids - there's just so much to choose from!)

What a great charity to support (coming from someone whose brother runs a non-prof tutoring high schoolers in Denver and a daughter who is currently in start-up mode for a homeless shelter here). I love your list of books as well! Good luck!


Vintage Love and Photographs said...

Good luck!!

Melinda said...

Great list!

Jasmine Marie said...

Love all of these crafty books!

Good luck and happy holidays!

JJ said...

Love all those crafty books, Great choices!


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