Monday, November 14, 2011

on the design wall

until the cat knocks it down!

i'm finally working on the wee wonderlands jelly roll quilt!  pattern is from jelly roll quilts
and it's fun AND quick AND easy!  i've had the brown kona strips cut forevah - a year, maybe?  i started piecing yesterday afternoon and i'm way farther than even this pic shows - all my blocks are pieced, and ready to put into rows!  i'd be working on it right now but troy is sleeping on the couch next to the sewing nook...

this was going to be for our oldest son's bed.  but the 4 year old told me it's a girl quilt.  it has flowers and there's pink in the letter s.  which, yes, there is.  it's pretty whimsical.  but i don't think it screams girl, do you?  i sort of agree with him though.  maybe it will be a family room quilt and i'll look for something more manly.  he is 5, after all.  lol!

i'm hoping to take it to the quilter wednesday, so tomorrow i have to get it all stitched together!  wish me luck!

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