Wednesday, November 9, 2011

swap time!

you all know i love to do fabric swaps.  so does my mail carrier - she's always asking what i'm getting in my squishy packages!  (julie's a doll, i know i've mentioned it but seriously, so sweet and always leaves goodies for the kids in the mailbox)

right now i am checking the box daily for three swaps i'm expecting.  one is a fall colors charm swap,

edit to add - guess what came today?!  yay for new charms! 

another is a christmas i-spy charm swap, and the last is the one i'm most excited for.  it's the yellow, aqua & gray charm swap, sponsored by craft buds and crafty girls workshop!

sneak peek!
28 participants, and this is brilliant - i bought my fabric from crafty girls and (for cheap) she did all the cutting for me, and is also the swap mama - all i have to do is sit and wait for the swap to come in the mail.  also, since we each had to post which fabric we were using, i already can see what i'll be getting - and let me tell you, this is gonna be one gorgeous charm pack! 

i also joined the spoonflower I-spy swap round 2 at crafterhours!  54 participants, each buys 2 yards of spoonflower prints, and we swap 5 inch squares.  at $18 a yard, it's a bit pricey.  luckily, spoonflower offered us a discount!  i've been wanting to try out spoonflower for some time.  plus, the choices are awesome - it was hard to choose two, but i love the ones i picked!

what a fun package of fabric that will be!

ok, if you're still reading, i'd like to know - would you be interested in doing a swap with me?  i'm thinking about a "shades of gray" swap.  gray, black, and white fabrics only.  wanna join?  would you want to do 4 inch or 5 inch charms? leave me a comment with your preferences, and i'll tally the votes and come up with a plan! 

that's all for today - tomorrow is the final day of the X-ACTO pack giveaway, so if you haven't entered, better get 'er done.  it's also guild night, i'll be posting pics of all the challenges!  take care!


Mindy said...

I've never done a swap before, but would love to participate. I vote for 5 in charms.

Nikki McDonald said...

I'd be interested in that... 5 inch for me. Quilt shop quality only... I don't have as many of those colors as I'd like...

PattyW said...

I love swaps too. my vote 5" But right now is kind of a busy time of year. When did you plan to do this?
Patty :)


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