Thursday, November 10, 2011

we have winners!

i am home from kcmqg - a little earlier than planned.  this night seemed kind of doomed before i even left - ever have those?  sawyer's all mixed up with the time change, waking up early, wanting to go to bed at 6pm, etc.  and he sort of freaked when i left.  so i was frazzled, forgot my camera, didn't get any pics of the SUPER AMAZING challenge quilts, and left during the break to come home to find everyone, including my mom-in-law, asleep.  sigh.

but!  i did draw the winners of the X-ACTO prize packs!  thanks again to X-ACTO for giving me a chance to review their knives, as one of the commenters said - it's amazing the ideas that come to mind when you have one of those in your hand. 

so congrats to:

marci and mollyp!

and i was reading about papercutting and came across a site with some crazy cool stuff - so go check out the heArt of papercutting  to see some truly amazing art!
and the winner of the my memories is kama - who just had a baby girl, so double congrats!

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Marci Girl said...

Yeah! Thanks so much Tammie!


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