Saturday, December 3, 2011

bake, eat, repeat

i'm making those mushrooms again (recipe here), as i type, and taking them to a birthday party later for our son and his two cousins.  i also made a german chocolate cake with coconut/pecan frosting, and a quick dinosaur cake for the boys. 

alex gets to celebrate early with troy's side of the family, his actual birthday isn't until january.  but we like to group them together whenever possible, and he's not complaining!  we had a hayrack ride planned for tonight, but it's raining and cold here, so soup buffet instead.

i tried making sugared walnuts in the crockpot last night!  they are good but not evenly coated, and i'm sure it's my fault.  i forgot to set the timer and also doubled the recipe.  i will try it again, by the book this time, because next i am doing pecans.  $$$ cha-ching!  i need to plant some nut trees, i think!  i haven't had to buy them for awhile, my brother had a tree and gave me a ton last year(or maybe the year before?) but they moved and somehow the pecan fairy forgot to visit this year.  anyways, i will be giving these out with my gifts to friends and neighbors this year, so i don't want to mess them up.

last to make on the gift list is peanut butter fudge!  i made it last year and it was so good!  i think i ate more than i gave away, but i'm sure i will have more self control this time around.  right?? 

still playing around with terrain

i am super excited for our december kc modern guild meeting thursday.  we are having a square swap - 2 1/2 inch modern fabrics, 25 in a baggie, as many as you want!  i am thinking this is a good time to cut jelly roll strips from all my yardage, and take a single square from each.   i have a cute idea for the packaging, can't wait for monday so i can play.  tell me, would you rather have 25 squares from a single line, or a variety?  i am also hoping that emma's quilt will be finished and i can get it bound before the meeting, and finally get to show and tell a finished quilt!  probably wishful thinking, but i can dream, right?

anyways, hope you're having a great weekend, and if you're making something yummy for gifts, please leave me a comment and a link if you have one!  i'd love some new ideas!


Sharon said...

Those walnuts look yummy!

Lauranie said...

sorry to be so absent...all of your blocks and quilts look AWESOME!!!! I love the wagon wheel design and the fabric on the wee woods is divine!! and of course I've got to ask about the dinosaur it a pan or did you do it on your own?? Hope you are keeping warm and getting it done...I am NOT!! Every time I think I am done with school stuff, they keep pulling me back in!! I just got finished making two huge panels for the Library Book Sale at the girls' maybe I can put the lights on my tree...that we've had since Sunday...GAH!!!! xo


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