Thursday, December 8, 2011

guild night!

whew!  the flu sidelined me for an entire day, but i'm back and feeling better than ever!  maybe that's what those detox cleanse things are all about.  either that, or it's because i didn't have any coffee for almost 40 hours, and now i'm flying!  whee!

anyways, i have gotten a lot done today, including packaging up my 2 1/2 inch charms for the swap at kcmqg tonight.  fun fun!  i included some katie jump rope, terrain, midwest modern, and other bits from my scrap bins.  i kept at least one square of each that i cut, and i am excited to make some stuff!  first up will be this scotty dog from denyse schmidt- he's been on my list for awhile, and won't he be adorable in a scrappy mish-mosh of modern fabrics!? (her pattern is for 2 1/4" squares, so i'll have to do a wee bit of trimming)  also - no pics, because my camera is MIA.  sigh.

i'm also thinking i need to include some other fabrics in my terrain-ish project.  i have made several blocks now, but i want to offset them with some scrappy 16 patches, like the ones i made for do. good stitches two months ago.  the pattern called for appliqued blocks, but i prefer pieced, and i think this will be fab!

on my design wall is another long lost project - the across the sea quilt along.  i am making mine out of gingham in boyish colors.  i love how they all look together!  it's close to finished, hopefully this weekend the top will be done.

i was thisclose to being finished with my bee vintage quilt top.  but i realized as i was sewing the rows together that one of my blocks is on the small side.  i need to do some ripping and make a block to fit.  then i can use the smallish one on the back!  but for now, it's been set aside so i can finish other stuff.  it's looking lovely though.

this next week is another full one, with the kids' school christmas store, wrestling practices, ccd class, our town christmas dinner, making gingerbread houses at school, and a uterine ultrasound/biopsy, great times.  just crossing my fingers that nothing scary is going on in there.  i keep having pregnancy dreams(it's a girl!), which is ridiculous and not even possible, but dreams do what they want, don't they.  everyone have a great weekend, and don't forget about sewmamasew's giveaway day!  dec. 12th, clear your calendars!

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Sara said...

I have seen that Scotty dog pattern before. I cannot wait to see yours all done up Tammie!

Those mushrooms were great,a little spendy with the mushrooms,but oh soo good!!


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