Thursday, December 15, 2011

on a roll

i'm having so much fun reading everyone's comments! i love giveaway day, i have found a bunch of new to me blogs that rock, and i hope you've been having fun too! and seriously - my sample tweet? so funny! only two people tweeted it but it totally made me crack up to see it! so thanks to everyone again for entering - only one day left!

i'm trying to get my do. good stitches blocks done - i made one this afternoon but realized it's way too big. i love it though!  i will remake it, only smaller.

yesterday was rainy, gloomy and unseasonably warm - and i used it to finish piecing this top! it's made using the tutorial from the across the sea quiltalong and it's a super easy and fast quilt.

i decided to use grandma marie's gingham, and in the save the supplies spirit, i used a bunch of her scraps of white as well.  can you tell?

some of the gingham was obviously left over scraps from cutting out clothing, so i made do with what i had. one block i only had enough blue for three sides, but i found a similar blue in some of my nana's fabrics.

now i need to piece a back and get it quilted.  i got an email that emma's quilt is finished, yay!  i am picking it up tomorrow, i can't wait to see it!  maybe i can get it bound this weekend, if not, surely in time to wrap it and put it under the tree.  all right, i'm going to bed.  i'll be back to announce the giveaway winner this weekend! 


TheAccidentalCrafter said...

What a great way to use your grandma's fabric scraps, looks really good in all gingham. I would like to do that quilt. Looks like a fun pattern.

Sharon said...

The gingham is so fresh looking!


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