Sunday, January 15, 2012

curse you universe!

so absolutely no progress is being made on any quilts this week.  i'll go ahead and lay the blame on the rural electric cooperative and the mighty kansas winds.  wednesday afternoon, i was stitching along, and was within 2 feet of completing attaching the binding on emma's quilt.  because i was going to watch tv and stitch binding that night, relaxing with my family.  
then, the power began to flicker.  off and on.  off and on.  every time it came back on, the kids would cheer and i'd put the pedal to the metal.   i tried so hard to stitch it out.  but the final time the lights went out, and didn't come back on?  i hung my head and smiled.  of course. 

I Had Plans. 
and the universe, well, she can't help but mess with you when you think you can Make Plans.

kind of like this weekend.  I Had Plans to knock out a lot of sewing- i am testing a pattern for someone - it's super cute and top secret but i can't wait to show you the whole thing!!

and i was going to bake cookies at a friend's house, had a 1st birthday party to attend,  plus a wrestling tournament for the kids.  anyways, friday afternoon, the dreaded phone call.  the nuke power plant troy works at was offline.  he would be working fri.sat.sun. evening.  sigh. 

anyways, not to complain (even though i do it so well!)  i have gotten a little bit done.  emma's getting taller but not growing anywhere else, so a lot of her jeans are too short.  the next size up is baggy around the waist, and she does not like any "poofiness" there.  belts are a pain.  so i decided to quickly lengthen a pair of her shortest jeans with a ruffle.  easy peasy.

i'm still hopeful that i can get that binding done this weekend - even though it's slow going, due to this.

i really wish i knew how to prevent those cracks!  they take forever to heal!  anyone have any tried and true remedies?  i've tried the liquid skin stuff, and bandaging with neosporin.  it's frustrating, because this winter has been super mild, so i'd hoped i wouldn't get them.  ah well.  there i go planning again...


Jennie P. said...

Is that cracked skin due to dry skin? If so, I have the same problem, except it's on the top of my hands. They crack and bleed in the Winter because it's so dry and I also wash them quite a bit which makes things worse. I recommend Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture lotion. It isn't greasy, absorbs fast, fragrance free. I love the stuff I stockpiled about 5 bonus sized bottles. It really keeps the moisture in. When I was my hands I can see the water just bead up so I know it's really in the skin doing it's magic. It even says on the bottle "accelerates the healing of dry skin."
Maybe it won't work as well for everyone as it's worked for me, but for a few bucks (I got mine on sale for 1.25!), it would be worth a try. It's the only lotion that really has helped me. I hope it works for you!

Jennie P. said...

I forgot to mention--it's not sticky either. Greasy and sticky are two different things, both drive me nuts. This lotion really is the be-all, end-all for me. I've tried a bunch of lotions. Expensive ones as well as cheap ones. Let me know if you try it and what the results are.

Sara said...

Bag balm worked well for me when I worked at the flower shop:)

I have the same problem with Ayden's jeans..too bad he wasn't a girl and I could add ruffles...he,he,he;)

Hope your power situation gets back to normal real soon hon.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

You could try super glue for the crack that's already there and then Bag Balm or Aquaphor for really serious moisturizing. Good luck!

Lauranie said...

Hey girlie...having a good year??!! Ha!! I want to curse the universe too, I'm having nothing but BAD LUCK in 2012...and I ate ALOT of black-eyed peas New Year's Day WTH?!! You've been VERY busy!! I liked your cake, the mushrooms were so cute! :) You know year's ago when I had to wear combat boots every day, my feet would get really dry. I used Corn Huskers lotion and it worked SO WELL!! I haven't thought about that in years...maybe I should get me some? :)


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