Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012! come on in!

sign ups are still open for the shades of gray charm swap!  we only have 11  3 spaces to fill, the sooner the better, so if you're interested, go here to sign up!  and if you'd like to take a double spot - let me know.  i'm filling two spots myself, using alexander henry diamond eye for one of my fabrics.  

i am so far behind on everything.  the house is starting to recover from the mess of the holidays.  so much trash!  next this year - cloth gift bags.

the view from here
we stretched our holiday out - starting at his mom's with all his sibs, then our home for two days, then at my folks' with my brothers for the last couple days.  sawyer's cutting bottom molars, and he's not happy about it.  he doesn't sleep well when teething, and wants to be held a lot.  it's been an exhausting week, waaay too much coffee has been drunk, and i am not ready for vacation to be over.  i still need one!

anyways. one great thing about this weekend was that my husband was on call all weekend, so he had to stay at home.  and he cut trim for a bathroom, crown moulding for the mudroom, moved furniture around for me, and hung several shelves.  things are looking much better now.  i'll be taking lots of pictures later this morning to share with you!

i tried to tackle a few smallish things before the new year began.  i didn't get far though.  just finished trimming this dish towel - using vintage linens and grosgrain ribbon.  i did a little hand stitching with some perle cotton. 

working on my blocks for do. good stitches.  gray with a pop of green.

binding emma's quilt.

making a quilted notebook for my new friend cricket - who is very patient. 

hope you all had a great christmas, and be sure to enter the fat quarter shop giveaway!

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