Tuesday, January 10, 2012

store closing sale

hey local friends!

i stopped in aunt jenny's stich & stuff in downtown ottawa this morning - did you know they are closing shop?  everything is 70% off - and they were pretty reasonably priced already.  i'm sad to see them go.  it's a great space that's for rent too - in anyone wants to open a craft store i'd be happy to run it for you! 

anyways - 70% off, i couldn't resist.  don't tell my husband.  but check out my haul!

do you see that total?  $29.01.  i got *almost* 4 yards of katie jump rope, 3 yards of heather ross, and 3 yards of that fun tina givens floral dot print, along with a bunch of fat quarters, three packs of schmetz needles, and 6 spools of thread.  pretty sweet, huh?

anyways - kc friends, want me to pick up any FQ for you before the meeting thursday?  they are cheap cheap cheap!!  now - what to make with all that fabric...


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! What a haul!!!! So glad you found some great bargains...wow, 70%...a steal! Sorry to hear another shop is closing though. =(

Sara said...

$27 woooowheeee!!!! Awesome finds Tammie. I saw some Heather Ross at a Quilt Market last weekend and didn't buy any--shame on me!


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