Friday, February 17, 2012

here, birdie birdie!

as we start into a four day weekend with the kids, i'm glad for the sunshine!  it means we will be able to go for a woods walk this afternoon to do our great backyard bird count.  the boys have already filled the bird feeders with sunflower seed. we are going to pick up some thistle seed when we run to town later, hopefully we can get a good variety of birds this weekend!  i already saw about 20 geese on the lake, so we'll definitely make a stop down there.  if you're interested, go check out their site and you can print a checklist of birds that you find in your area.  it'll be so nice to get outside and breathe some fresh air. i'm going to take my camera too, and try to get some good shots of the kiddos in their mudboots!

i'm close to done piecing my 2nd swoon, and have been playing with fabric combos for the other 7 blocks.   i loved sara's idea about cutting the pieces and putting them in a bag - so i did that and i feel so organized!  some days you feel like cutting, other days you feel like sewing!  (some days you feel like laying on the couch all day eating junk food, but don't tell anyone.)  i decided to put my other swoon quilt on hold so that i can join in the granny square quilt along at old red barn co. flickr group.  and i have a bunch of new charms from swaps to dream about, and a challenge project for kcmqg to complete, and i'm sure i'm forgetting ten other things.  maybe, just maybe, i can knock something out this weekend? 

i started a new diet program too - visalus?  heard of them?  i want to drop a few pounds from my waist, but mostly i need to break my awful eating habits.  and i'm on day three, so far so good.  i haven't even had any coffee yet, but i feel pretty awake.  yesterday the urge to snack was so strong - even though i wasn't hungry!  i made a healthy meal for dinner last night.  baked lemon herb chicken, roasted veggies and wild rice.  the kids ate it ok - only because they wanted a cookie for dessert, not because they loved it. 

i'll try not to bore you with my diet, but if i'm having good results from the shakes i'll let you know!  they taste pretty yummy, but they do use splenda.  i was worried i might get headaches (i am sensitive to other artificial sweeteners) but that hasn't been an issue yet.  i also stopped at sonic and bought a bag of ice to use in my shakes, which blends up so much better than regular ice cubes!  anyways, BORING.  sorry.  back with crafty news tomorrow!


Needled Mom said...

Enjoy the bird count. It sounds like fun.

Good luck with the diet too.

Sharon said...

Love your new banner! Enjoy the weekend.


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