Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i'm desperate

i haven't ever tried to *design* a block before.  it sounds, i don't know, daunting? fancy?  i guess i figure that they've all been done before.

but when i heard about quilt jane's desperate housewife's quilt, i decided to give it a try.  and here it is!  i'm calling it "stockinette stripes", because it reminds me of the pattern made when knitting.

wanna try to make one?  

start with your fabrics.  you need one main color, mine was a bone solid.  then pick your stripes.   i chose red and blue vintage tickings from my stash. 

in my block sketch, i had only red stripes alternating within each parallelogram, but in real life it seemed too random and blah.  so i switched it around.  that's actually my favorite part of quilting, is playing with the blocks before you stitch them together!

ok.  you've got your fabrics.  i started with 3 inch squares.  8 solids, and 4 of each stripe.  so 16 total. 

next, let's make half square triangles.  match your solid and stripe squares together, draw a line corner to corner, and stitch 1/4" beside that line. 

do it again on the other side.

then cut apart directly on the drawn line.  press, trim dog ears, and voila!  half square triangles!

it's easy to get mixed up when chain piecing.  i stack my squares up in rows, and then after stitching when i cut them apart, i put them back in order.  stack, stitch, sort.  this helps keep me from making a mistake.  because when i mess something up, it usually gets set aside and is never seen again.  i'm not much for ripping out seams.

there they are, ready to mate.  stack, stitch, sort.

if you're a crap stitcher like me, you'll have some uneven edges.  i try to clean them up and make as square of a block as i can.  but i don't obsess over it.  i quilt for fun, after all!

keep stitching them together.

it can help line up those center seams if you stick a pin in them.  if you try to pin it the regular way, it often shifts.  so i stab it right through the heart, and then move the pin at the last second.  it doesn't mean all my centers line up though.  please don't look.

you should end up with an 8 1/2" unfinished quilt block.  unless you're me, and then it's 8 1/2"-ish.   heehee!

anyways, i think this would be a fun baby quilt!  you'd need 20 or so of these blocks, add some sashing and you'd have a sweet little blanket!

or here's a quilt top i made with a kona dusty charm pack and kona coal.  i love the way it turned out in solids!

i hope you like stockinette stripes, and be sure to go see all of the other blocks here!


Jennie P. said...

I totally see the "stockinette" having knitted a little before. Very nice!

Quiltjane said...

It's beautiful. Thank you for joining in the DHWQ.

Jenifer Dick said...

Designing is fun, right!? I pinned it I liked it so much!


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