Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mmm, pie - and a mini-tute!

well, i've been absent but still crafty!

i've been baking.  blueberry jam thumbprints for a CASA auction,  and chocolate peanut butter ritz cookies (is there a shorter name for those?) for troy to take to work.  being a ninny i didn't take pics of either batch of cookies, even though they were purty.

it reminds me though, of showing my uncle bill a picture of a cake i decorated (hoping to impress him with my mad skilz) and having him say "well, i take pictures of the fish i catch, and you take pictures of your cakes."  touche, uncle billy.  there are times when i feel like - why do i document all this stuff?  but i enjoy it and you all put up with me!  :)

i did get a pic of the two apple pies i made for troy to take to work.   seems crazy, but i had never made a regular old double crust apple pie before! 

i also wanted to share a quick how-to.  when i was making my mug rug for the valentine's swap, i was playing around and came up with something i thought was fun.  now - i haven't checked, i'm sure this has been done before.  so just smile and let me think i'm terribly original, ok?

so i started with eight 5 inch charms. i'm using moda punctuation fabrics.  i made 2 four patches.  then i cut each four patch on the diagonal both ways.  this gave me 8 patchwork triangles.  then i put two triangles together to make a center square.  and i forgot to take pics of all of that, doh!

 added the other triangles along the outside edges.

this means that on two sides, they will overlap.  after stitching my first 2 triangles onto opposite sides, i cut them even with the center square block.  then i stitched on the last 2 triangles.

square up and you're done!  you can back and quilt this to make a square mug rug if you want.  i'm making something fun with mine, can't wait to share! 

have you tried this before?  is there a name for this type of block?  do share!


Sharon said...

I don't know what it's called, but it sure is cute!

Sara said...

oh those apple pies look really yummy. I have only made one apple pie myself thus far.

That block is amazing and no I don't know what it is called either. Maybe you came up with something new Tammie!!


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