Saturday, February 11, 2012

Something to Swoon About

please welcome my next guest poster, sara!

Valentines Day is upon us,what better way to celebrate then join up with Tammie on here at her blog for some good times!!  She has a carefree blog that always makes me wonder what she is up to next;) Love is kind and that is Tammie:)  Love ya girl!

Speaking of LOVE, what do you love in this world right at this very moment?

These are my top 5:
1. my Savior “He loves each one of us like there is only one of us to love
(when God whispers your name)”
Max Lucado
2. hubby and son Ayden they fill up my days with goodness
3. quilting my passion
4. knitting while cuddling on couch
5. cooking delicious

I could list many more,but those are the ones that come to mind instantly.  

Today I am going to focus on one love and that is the love of quilting.  What better way to show off this love than with a Swoon quilt block for ya'll!

How about some lovely Ruby and striking Bliss fabric to go with this block?!  I love me some Ruby again and again. This is a line that will never tire me or make me want to hide it in the back of one of my storage bins hoping it goes away.  OR even slowly throwing it in my little trash bin until it is all out of sight.  

I didn't just say that did I?  Sorry truth be hold I am bad.  Yes bad as I wanna be. 

After my confession,who would like to see some pretty fabric all cut up and put back together into a smile worthy block of beauty.  

First I cut up all the pieces,hoping I can get through ALL the squares and rectangles, measurements here and there.  Then after smiling at all the hard work I did, I like to put each block's pieces into Ziploc baggies because I am an organizing geek.  Hey it works!

Now you get to see my very stylish pencil in action (insert a sarcastic mood here)  I make my HST's with a ruler because  I cannot ever do a straight line without it!

Cut my pencil line after I sew a stitched line on each side of the pencil line with my once again stylish scissors:)

Press them cuties and it will yield a block I love.  Now go make a lot more of those babies and you will be on your way---trust me!

Only 2 blocks are needed for the Swoon block.  Lovin' it<3  This is the 2nd block ya'll get to create.  More of those pencil lines on the diagonal.
A pass over that sewing machine and you have an ear flap or maybe a triangle to keep it clear-hehehehe

Repeat that ear flap (clearing throat) triangle and there you have it....a flying geese block.  This is one of my faves to make too.  Go see here.

Once you have all your little blocks ready to go.  I have been doing one of the Ziploc bags a day.  Then I will go back and fit them all together to produce the Swoon look!


This quilt is actually going to be a commission quilt for my Aunt living in WI once it is all prettied up.  I just have a feeling she will love the design!

Happy Valentines Day to ya'll!!!

thanks for sharing your gorgeous swoon block!  my favorite part are the aqua points made from bliss.  that pattern is on my *to-make* list, maybe using some of that ds fabric i shared yesterday?!  and if you're new to the swoon sensation, go check out the swoon-along at flickr and get inspired to make your own!

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ScrappyStuff said...

Way cool - this is on my 'TO DO' list, ... so is a nap, but i've been 'hanging out with you' via blogland for about an hour!' ...
... it's not stalking - it's SHARING ..


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