Friday, February 10, 2012

things i love - day four

quick - someone asks you your favorite fabric designer.  who's it gonna be?
the flavor of the week or your old flame?

my list of fave designers gets added to all the time.

and my list of favorite denyse schmidt's fabrics does too!  i picked up a few aunt edna prints from joann's a few days ago.  love the gray and orange dots! and i used a bit of picnics and fairgrounds in this little mug rug i made.

i keep collecting her fabrics, including a few little scraps of flea market fancy i've been saving (which now seems pretty silly, since they are re-releasing it) to make some quilts for the living room.  but i can't make my mind up on patterns!  today i'm leaning towards the granny squares tutorial i keep seeing pop up.

the other fabrics in this are just random bits i had in my scraps.  night all, see you tomorrow for another giveaway!! :)  and don't forget to enter the previous days giveaways, they all end feb 14th at midnight!

1 comment:

Sara said...

super cute mug rug perfect for the "Love day!"


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