Thursday, February 9, 2012

things i love - day three

i know it's a given, loving your kids.  but i feel extra lucky to be the mom of our daughter, emma.  she is such a sweet little gal!

after christmas, my brothers and their families were in town.  and our tradition is that the girls spend a day in lawrence, doing some shopping and having lunch.  i have a niece who is 13, so our daughter loves to go hang out with her older cousin and have a girl's day.

this year, i didn't want to saddle anyone with all three boys, and troy had to work, so i stayed home and sent emma with her aunties.  i gave her some cash and she took her little purse.  and when she got home she was so excited to show me what she bought!

she did a great job managing her money, buying a cute hello kitty shirt, some earmuffs with built in headphones for her MP3 player, and a necklace.  for me.

it says love.  my sis-in-law said she spent awhile, picking it out, trying to decide between it and another one.

i of course teared up, and i try to wear it all the time.  when i'm not wearing it, i hang it from my rearview mirror so i can see it while i drive.  she is so sweet and loving!

it's something i hope i can nurture as she grows up and girls sometimes become mean and spiteful.  i just want her to be caring and nice to everyone!  which i know won't always be the popular choice.  but so far, so good :)


Rachel said...

I have one of "those" (just to be clear, the sweet, loving, giving, kind ones...LOL). She is 19 now. It is more than possible!!

Sara said...

what a sweet daughter you have Tammie:)

Lauranie said...



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