Wednesday, February 8, 2012

things i love, day two

last week, for an early valentine's, my husband got me a nook.  and i am in love.

i was so resistant to getting one - i like to read actual books, i like to go to the library - i just thought it was unnecessary.  but he was insistent.  he's been talking about it for months, since my birthday, then christmas.  so i gave in.  (oh, poor me! hahaha!)

and don't tell him i said it, but he was right.  wait - maybe i will tell him.  that can be my gift to him.

i like to take it along during the preschool run - gives me something to do if i have a few minutes to wait in the car. i need to make a cushy cover to protect it in my bag.  i may adapt noodlehead's diaper pouch, and make a simple sleeve with a velcro strap to keep it in.  or maybe a notebook with a special pocket for the nook.  hmm...

and i finally played angry birds.  and am now addicted.  our 4 year old loves to watch me play "mad birds" and "mean birds" and he loves it when they go poof.  when the baby's napping, he will snuggle quietly with me on the couch and we read books (love the read to me feature!) and watch netflix. 

do you have a nook? do you love it?  anything i need to know? why is there a hole in the bottom corner?  wanna be my nookfriend and trade books?  it might be a little one sided right now, i don't have much in my library.

ok, that's today's thing i love - check back tomorrow for another fun giveaway!


Jenifer Dick said...

Oh you're going to love it even more as time goes on! I have Kindle Fire and I love it! You can find free books, which are sometimes good sometimes not! And you can check out books from the library, which is so cool! There's so much, I'm just learning all I can do. Next I want to figure out how to use pandora so I can listen to music on it!

Lauranie said...

We got my daughter one for her birthday and we LOVE it!! The hole at the bottom is where you can put an SD card! You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free and use that to load free books from the internet or Library onto your Nook. Our Library has a 14 day "check out" for ebooks then they are no longer available...but still on your Nook..haven't figured out how to remove them just yet!! Have fun!! the blades! THEY FIT!! Thank you soooo much!! xo


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