Thursday, March 29, 2012

one lonely starburst

yesterday i worked on my do. good stitches inspire blocks for march.  we are making lone starburst blocks using this template from anna at six white horses.  the color scheme is awesome - navy, aqua, kelly green, citron-ish yellow, and grays against white.  love.

i haven't done much paper piecing, and while i love the end result, i always feel like i am wasting so much fabric!!  does anyone else struggle with that?  my precious fabric.  not like i don't have any to spare! 

anyways, we have 2 of these blocks to make, and i have the 1st pieced and ready to stitch together.  they come together fast, really, and the pretty points make it all worth while.  but i cringed every time i cut the excess fabric off.  so i can't say i thoroughly enjoy making them :)  i'm such a miser!!

hey, it's a start :)

 it looks like rain today, so after preschool i should be able to knock the rest of the 2nd block out.  wish me luck! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a bunch of bags

i had so much fun choosing fabrics for these bags!

first up, some paula prass in bright pinky coral and b&w.

a pretty floral with dots

fresh aire with some sweet birdies

tina givens fairy tiptoes with stripes and dots

another fun floral with dots

i have one more to finish up tonight, and they can all fly off to their new homes.  finally.  :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday!!

you may have noticed i haven't posted all week.  it's been spring break around here,

and (of course) it rained every single day except today!!  we managed to survive, even got out a few times for fun local events.

we saw a magic show, met officer mcgruff (zach wasn't having anything to do with him, wouldn't even shake his hand!)

made paper airplanes and decorated cupcakes at the library, watched movies, decorated easter eggs (yes, already!)

and went to a fun church carnival with stuff like a bounce house, cake walk and face painting.

today i took the kids to town, and was hoping to take pictures of them like i did last spring break.  it's a bit soggy for that, but i did grab a couple of shots along the way.

this redbud is right inside our front entrance.  i love spring so much!!

yes, those really are the two best photos from the bunch.  there's one where sawyer's boot fell off, one where he's running away from the others, lots of closed eyes.  :D

then we left our house, and did the 15 minute country cruise to town.  local legend has it that the underground railroad ran through our area.  there's an odd mesa between our place and the town the kids go to school in, and every time we drive by it the kids sing out "peine's hill!" or "peine's mound!"  (peine is a common last name around here, they live at the base of the hill)

we've heard john brown used it as a lookout once upon a time.  there's also a small cabin tucked away not far from our home where they say a pregnant slave stayed for two nights to deliver her baby before continuing on her journey to freedom.  i can't vouch for the truth of those stories, but they are fun little tidbits, especially if they are true!

isn't it strange?  just sitting there, in the middle of flatland.
anyways, the rain meant the river was up super high and the fields i shot pics of them in last year were flooded.  pretty, but flooded.

so that's a glimpse into our week.  now i've got to get to bed, my husband seems to have forgotten that we have 2 soccer games and a wedding shower tomorrow, and he invited a family of 5 over for dinner after!  has he not seen the state of the house?  heehee, 4 kids home means i'm twice as far behind as usual!  if you're good with a vacuum, please feel free to drop by anytime.

Monday, March 19, 2012

i have a roll of freezer paper,

and i'm not afraid to use it!  yesterday i took my first sewing class since college!  jenifer taught a invisible applique class and it was a lot of fun.

my table mates, marie and linda!
after a long 2 months of single parenting, it was awesome to have a whole afternoon to myself.  met some new friends, and got a completed block out of the day too!  oh, don't forget the panera bagels, i totally sabotaged my diet with those yummy treats.  and there are still a couple in the kitchen, tempting me.  must.  resist.  and roz made cookies that were so good!

i chose a kona grey for the background, and green and aqua prints for the fishies.  i'm thinking it will be cute in sawyer's room, once we get it finished.  i have awhile, since the walls aren't even up yet!  

the starch made my grey fabric look a little funny, but it should wash out.  and remember this chair i spruced up?  it was the inspiration for the colors.  i'm thinking about a zig zag quilt in grey, white, and green with splashes of aqua.

jenifer is a great teacher, she's honest and funny!  i love that she stitches on a 30 year old machine!  it's easy to convince yourself that without fancy supplies you can't make anything great - but it's so not true!  the sulky invisible thread wasn't as hard to work with as i thought it would be.  although my machine snagged up at a couple of my points, i'm sure due to something i was doing wrong. 

anyways, i will definitely try this again, i have a couple of tote bags i want to embellish and this would be a fun way to do that! thanks to jenifer for a fun day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

a confession

i have put off writing this post because i fully intended to not have to write it.  does that even make sense?  sara, jenifer, cara, amy, kathy, heather - you might understand.

if you were one of my amazing guest bloggers for sew full of love, you might have been checking your mailbox for a package of sunshine, mailed from kansas.  but alas, nothing happy and fun has ever arrived.  yet.  i had big plans, that included making these fun cookie cutter pincushions, as seen in country living. and at cut to pieces

craft fail #1.  my hot glue wouldn't stick to the metal cookie cutter, and the cushion seemed bumpy, the foam base wasn't flush, i burned myself and i gave up!

then i decided you might enjoy these beautiful cathedral window pincushions.

craft fail #2.  not sure what happened to my center - aren't the points supposed to meet?  a huge button still didn't hide it.  i will definitely try this one again though, there's something magical about making this block!  it seems so complicated but is actually quite easy.  unless you're me, and your points don't like each other.

then a whole month had passed (yes it takes me that long to come up with a plan c) believe me, i considered buying a bunch of starbucks cards.  but do they have starbucks in canada?  and now i am here to say your gifts are mailing out this week.  and i'm happy that i have a new go-to gift project.

my trial bag - success!
jeni at in color order has a super awesome drawstring bag tutorial.  and these babies are a perfect way to highlight gorgeous fabrics.  especially large scale prints that are difficult to use in quilts, but i seem to find myself buying anyways.  she has a pattern for different sizes too.  they are fun to make, fast and simple, and i hope that you guys will love the goodies i tucked inside!

almost finished!

ps - i promise, i bought the valentine's candy before it all went on clearance!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

letting go

every day i find it harder to keep up.  there's so many things to do, and not enough me, money, or time for all of it.  i have been trying to streamline things, and have a few meals in the freezer for busy soccer nights.  mostly, i have to learn to limit what i THINK i can do to what i ACTUALLY can do.  anyone know a good trick for that?  ha!

but i am doing pretty well on my diet!  much better than i thought i would.  i'm down 8 pounds and a inch off my waist.  still room for improvement and dire need for toning!!  but at least it's a start.  now that the weather is warming up, i can take sawyer to the walking park 2 mornings a week while zach is in school.

i finished a trash bag for my van - this has been on the list forever, and i sort of combined a couple different tutorials.  i don't have anywhere to hang a bag, so i made one that hangs from the glove box.  it's made from a remnant i bought for 50 cents at the preschool rummage sale :)

and we bought two dressers off craigslist - i love them!

i think they were a steal at $100 (but i know nothing about vintage furniture!)  they are wood with dovetail joints, and i love them.  we aren't using the mirror that came with them, at least not in em's room.  but i think it might find a spot somewhere else in the house.  it's awesome how much room that dresser made in her closet. did i mention that i love them?

another place i am working on is the laundry room.  i'm going to attempt to build the brook laundry basket dresser - wish me luck!  my dad said he would help me.  but i am going to try it alone first, getting the wood cut for me at home depot.  because if i can make it, then look out!  there are so many cool plans on her site!  i'd love to do the smiling mudroom in our entry!

the 2nd annual march madness chili & soup supper at the kids' school was a total success!  i heard we made almost $1500!  that includes the $1 raffle, the silent auction, and the bingo as well as the food.  we did a basket auction, and each class had a theme and put together a basket.  the PTO also put a few baskets together - i made a kid's craft basket and it brought $35.  it was filled with fun stuff like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, iron-ons and paint pens, canvas tote bags and art supplies.  it was a lot of fun, too.  last year we were all so nervous, but this year was great and our kids had a blast!  alex won 2 things in the raffle!  i had planned to leave halfway through and drop the kids off at home, but we were there until 8:00!  love our tiny school and community!

i was bummed to miss kcmqg though.  jenifer was giving the program, and i wanted to sit up front and tease her :)  so many friends i wanted to talk to!  i didn't get my mug rug done, but i wanted to see what everybody made.  and i hear the big announcement was that denyse schmidt will be speaking at october meeting!!  that makes 2 fancy pants people i will get to see this year - amy butler in may, and ds in october!  woohoo! 

tomorrow night troy is off work, and he is taking the kids to his mom's so i can have some me time.  love that man.  see you all soon, hopefully with some finished projects to share!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


i just checked my email, and there it was.  the update from fat quarter shop that flea market fancy was in stock.  i immediately clicked over and added all the grays, aquas and a few others to my cart.  i missed this line the first time around and still love most of the prints.

and then i remembered i needed some kona white for do. good stitches this month.  so i backed up, added some, and went back to check out.  NOOOO!  the grey eyelet print was already sold out!  can you believe that?  i was only getting a half yard too!  bummer.  BUT i rushed through the rest of the order, and hopefully they won't be out of any others that i wanted.  i cleaned out my pay pal balance to get this stuff, so i will be listing a bunch of fabric in my etsy this weekend, to try to recover and assuage the guilt i'm feeling for buying more fabric and not sewing enough!

i have been having fun making earrings though. 

this afternoon i'm making desserts for the chili & soup supper at school tomorrow night.  then on to kcmqg, yay!  i hope i can finish my mug rug tonight, because i want to take part in the swap!  my friend jenifer is giving the program, can't wait to hear it!  have you checked her 42 quilts facebook page yet?  do me a favor, run over and click "like", won't you?  she posts every monday and tuesday with block tutorials, you'll love it!

soccer season has begun, and i spent the last 2 nights at practice with the three oldest.  their first games are this saturday!  my husband is *supposed* to be coming off of his insane 72 hours a week night shift.  since he drives almost an hour to work, each way, he has been pretty absent the last 2 months!  it will be awesome to have him home, and to get back in a normal routine.


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