Sunday, March 11, 2012

a confession

i have put off writing this post because i fully intended to not have to write it.  does that even make sense?  sara, jenifer, cara, amy, kathy, heather - you might understand.

if you were one of my amazing guest bloggers for sew full of love, you might have been checking your mailbox for a package of sunshine, mailed from kansas.  but alas, nothing happy and fun has ever arrived.  yet.  i had big plans, that included making these fun cookie cutter pincushions, as seen in country living. and at cut to pieces

craft fail #1.  my hot glue wouldn't stick to the metal cookie cutter, and the cushion seemed bumpy, the foam base wasn't flush, i burned myself and i gave up!

then i decided you might enjoy these beautiful cathedral window pincushions.

craft fail #2.  not sure what happened to my center - aren't the points supposed to meet?  a huge button still didn't hide it.  i will definitely try this one again though, there's something magical about making this block!  it seems so complicated but is actually quite easy.  unless you're me, and your points don't like each other.

then a whole month had passed (yes it takes me that long to come up with a plan c) believe me, i considered buying a bunch of starbucks cards.  but do they have starbucks in canada?  and now i am here to say your gifts are mailing out this week.  and i'm happy that i have a new go-to gift project.

my trial bag - success!
jeni at in color order has a super awesome drawstring bag tutorial.  and these babies are a perfect way to highlight gorgeous fabrics.  especially large scale prints that are difficult to use in quilts, but i seem to find myself buying anyways.  she has a pattern for different sizes too.  they are fun to make, fast and simple, and i hope that you guys will love the goodies i tucked inside!

almost finished!

ps - i promise, i bought the valentine's candy before it all went on clearance!


jacquie said...

happens to all of us! But you saved it big time!

Sara said...

OOOH I can't wait to see my bag---I have been wanting to make one of those bags from Jeni's blog so this is amazing to hear;)

Give yourself a hug hon---we love ya!!


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