Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday!!

you may have noticed i haven't posted all week.  it's been spring break around here,

and (of course) it rained every single day except today!!  we managed to survive, even got out a few times for fun local events.

we saw a magic show, met officer mcgruff (zach wasn't having anything to do with him, wouldn't even shake his hand!)

made paper airplanes and decorated cupcakes at the library, watched movies, decorated easter eggs (yes, already!)

and went to a fun church carnival with stuff like a bounce house, cake walk and face painting.

today i took the kids to town, and was hoping to take pictures of them like i did last spring break.  it's a bit soggy for that, but i did grab a couple of shots along the way.

this redbud is right inside our front entrance.  i love spring so much!!

yes, those really are the two best photos from the bunch.  there's one where sawyer's boot fell off, one where he's running away from the others, lots of closed eyes.  :D

then we left our house, and did the 15 minute country cruise to town.  local legend has it that the underground railroad ran through our area.  there's an odd mesa between our place and the town the kids go to school in, and every time we drive by it the kids sing out "peine's hill!" or "peine's mound!"  (peine is a common last name around here, they live at the base of the hill)

we've heard john brown used it as a lookout once upon a time.  there's also a small cabin tucked away not far from our home where they say a pregnant slave stayed for two nights to deliver her baby before continuing on her journey to freedom.  i can't vouch for the truth of those stories, but they are fun little tidbits, especially if they are true!

isn't it strange?  just sitting there, in the middle of flatland.
anyways, the rain meant the river was up super high and the fields i shot pics of them in last year were flooded.  pretty, but flooded.

so that's a glimpse into our week.  now i've got to get to bed, my husband seems to have forgotten that we have 2 soccer games and a wedding shower tomorrow, and he invited a family of 5 over for dinner after!  has he not seen the state of the house?  heehee, 4 kids home means i'm twice as far behind as usual!  if you're good with a vacuum, please feel free to drop by anytime.


Sara said...

Those fun little crafty things to do that are free around town are so great aren't they?!

I think the first pic of your kiddos is really sweet:)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and aren't too busy;)

Lauranie said...

oh no...not posted in a WEEK??!! Try not posting for a MONTH and not keeping up with everyone like I want to!! ;P There is always kind of a slow down after Christmas, but you're too tired to do anything...then BOOM the time changes and Spring hits and you're right back on that fast moving merry-go-round!! At least that is how I feel!! The photos are so pretty and of course your children are GORGEOUS!! Good luck on your laundry basket dresser...I would love to have the ROOM in my closet of a laundry to even think about making one of these!! Well I am back to the grind of cleaning and organizing...have a good week! xo


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