Monday, March 19, 2012

i have a roll of freezer paper,

and i'm not afraid to use it!  yesterday i took my first sewing class since college!  jenifer taught a invisible applique class and it was a lot of fun.

my table mates, marie and linda!
after a long 2 months of single parenting, it was awesome to have a whole afternoon to myself.  met some new friends, and got a completed block out of the day too!  oh, don't forget the panera bagels, i totally sabotaged my diet with those yummy treats.  and there are still a couple in the kitchen, tempting me.  must.  resist.  and roz made cookies that were so good!

i chose a kona grey for the background, and green and aqua prints for the fishies.  i'm thinking it will be cute in sawyer's room, once we get it finished.  i have awhile, since the walls aren't even up yet!  

the starch made my grey fabric look a little funny, but it should wash out.  and remember this chair i spruced up?  it was the inspiration for the colors.  i'm thinking about a zig zag quilt in grey, white, and green with splashes of aqua.

jenifer is a great teacher, she's honest and funny!  i love that she stitches on a 30 year old machine!  it's easy to convince yourself that without fancy supplies you can't make anything great - but it's so not true!  the sulky invisible thread wasn't as hard to work with as i thought it would be.  although my machine snagged up at a couple of my points, i'm sure due to something i was doing wrong. 

anyways, i will definitely try this again, i have a couple of tote bags i want to embellish and this would be a fun way to do that! thanks to jenifer for a fun day!


Needled Mom said...

It looks terrific! I love the colors.

Sara said...

Cute fish Tammie! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself!


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