Saturday, March 10, 2012

letting go

every day i find it harder to keep up.  there's so many things to do, and not enough me, money, or time for all of it.  i have been trying to streamline things, and have a few meals in the freezer for busy soccer nights.  mostly, i have to learn to limit what i THINK i can do to what i ACTUALLY can do.  anyone know a good trick for that?  ha!

but i am doing pretty well on my diet!  much better than i thought i would.  i'm down 8 pounds and a inch off my waist.  still room for improvement and dire need for toning!!  but at least it's a start.  now that the weather is warming up, i can take sawyer to the walking park 2 mornings a week while zach is in school.

i finished a trash bag for my van - this has been on the list forever, and i sort of combined a couple different tutorials.  i don't have anywhere to hang a bag, so i made one that hangs from the glove box.  it's made from a remnant i bought for 50 cents at the preschool rummage sale :)

and we bought two dressers off craigslist - i love them!

i think they were a steal at $100 (but i know nothing about vintage furniture!)  they are wood with dovetail joints, and i love them.  we aren't using the mirror that came with them, at least not in em's room.  but i think it might find a spot somewhere else in the house.  it's awesome how much room that dresser made in her closet. did i mention that i love them?

another place i am working on is the laundry room.  i'm going to attempt to build the brook laundry basket dresser - wish me luck!  my dad said he would help me.  but i am going to try it alone first, getting the wood cut for me at home depot.  because if i can make it, then look out!  there are so many cool plans on her site!  i'd love to do the smiling mudroom in our entry!

the 2nd annual march madness chili & soup supper at the kids' school was a total success!  i heard we made almost $1500!  that includes the $1 raffle, the silent auction, and the bingo as well as the food.  we did a basket auction, and each class had a theme and put together a basket.  the PTO also put a few baskets together - i made a kid's craft basket and it brought $35.  it was filled with fun stuff like googly eyes, pipe cleaners, iron-ons and paint pens, canvas tote bags and art supplies.  it was a lot of fun, too.  last year we were all so nervous, but this year was great and our kids had a blast!  alex won 2 things in the raffle!  i had planned to leave halfway through and drop the kids off at home, but we were there until 8:00!  love our tiny school and community!

i was bummed to miss kcmqg though.  jenifer was giving the program, and i wanted to sit up front and tease her :)  so many friends i wanted to talk to!  i didn't get my mug rug done, but i wanted to see what everybody made.  and i hear the big announcement was that denyse schmidt will be speaking at october meeting!!  that makes 2 fancy pants people i will get to see this year - amy butler in may, and ds in october!  woohoo! 

tomorrow night troy is off work, and he is taking the kids to his mom's so i can have some me time.  love that man.  see you all soon, hopefully with some finished projects to share!


Rachel said...

Hang in there! *I* think you are doing a fantastic job :-)

Jenifer Dick said...

Just don't stop blogging! Please!

Sara said...

Diets---arggghh! They are an evil word aren't they! Self-control left and right,but I don't wanna sometimes!! lol With that I started walking and changing up my diet with less sugar and more protein,veggies,fruits and no wheat bread. Sometimes I will fail, but that is ok because God is on my side!

Don't you love Craigslist--love it!!Those dressers are really cute:)

Enjoy your me time Tammie:)


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