Friday, April 20, 2012

10 years and counting!

today is our tenth wedding anniversary!

to celebrate, we left the kids at home with grandma bert and headed to KC last night!  troy used to travel a lot for work, and so he had holiday inn points to redeem.  we used a free night and they upgraded us to an executive suite!  it was very fancy and grown up.

view from the 27th floor at the crown plaza.

we ate portobello fries (OMG yum!) at the phoenix, listening to music and enjoying some boulevard brews.  then we headed to manifesto for a unique drinking experience!  first, text them to see if you can come in.  then enter through the alley behind the rieger hotel and get buzzed in the back door.

then head down some steep old stairs to a rock wall basement.  it's totally dark and lit by candles.  the menu is explained and you have the difficult decision of which drink to try.

my drink came with a sidecar!  so cute!

warning! these are "boozy little devils", to quote our server, whose name i've forgotten.  probably because of the booze.  but my favorite was also the first, a "beautiful red bell".  a very interesting blend of gin, red bell pepper, mint and lime.  it smells like tomato plant leaves, and tastes very fresh and unique.

we also tried the smokin' choke, a whiskey drink which smelled divine but was soooooo strong.  delish, but potent.  the santeria sour, mmm.  and the winter in buenos aires was good, if you like butternut squash, which i belatedly realized i did not.  ah well.

we left there to hit the power & light district, just blocks from our hotel.  we ate chicken nachos at the bar louie where a guy was singing an acoustic set.  then tried to go to howl at the moon only to be turned away because it was booked for a private party.

(the last time we went to the P & L we couldn't get in because there was a Kentucky Derby party and we didn't have big floppy hats.  a bar district isn't much fun if you aren't allowed in.)

so we ended up at a cowboy bar where i contemplated riding the mechanical bull until a hot chick rode it backwards, and i realized i would probably end up hurting myself and not look nearly as good as she did.

anyways, we enjoyed a nice night away, and i'm hoping we don't wait ten more years to do it again!


Sara said...

How much fun you had!! Happy Anniversary Tammie! You two look so cute together!

meijo's JOY said...

Happy Anniversary Tammie! What a loving couples you both are...don't wait for another 10 years to celebrate it every minute dear! Have a nice day!

Lauranie said...

So glad you got some alone time in....VERY hard to do around these parts!! Hmmm...veggie mixed drinks? Sounds interesting!! Happy's to many more!! :)


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