Friday, April 27, 2012

the best birthday cake in the world

heck yeah it is!

happy happy birthday to movita

i present, a triple layer chocolate meringue cake, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries!  it has mini chocolate chips in the meringue.  and chocolate shavings on top.  the only way this could be better is if i grew the berries myself.

excus-ay moi while i rant a bit:

all the runners we had on our strawberry plants last year have disappeared.  in possibly related news, i've been practicing shooting my gun at beer cans (*they hate these cans!).  please don't faint, but i will be targeting rabbits next, unless they stop eating all my plants and trees.  it's on you now, rabbits.  they have chewed up the red maple tree troy planted for me the very first year we moved in, and now it's mostly dead (except for the maple bush growing at the base of the trunk).  they didn't actually break the tree off, but they nibbled the bark around the base and it died after that.  poor tree.

and the daylilies are chewed off at ground level.  apparently dusk = happy hour, free apps! to bunnies.  any friendly rabbit deterrent advice is welcome.

ok, back to cakes.  i planned to make this cake to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on the 20th.  only i made these instead and promptly gained 5 pounds.  but after seeing a cute 7 layer/year anniversary cake online, i really wanted to make a 10 layer something!   go big or go home, right? so ten layers.  3 meringue, 3 whipped cream, 3 strawberries, and 1 layer chocolate shavings.  yeah, i'm reaching with the shavings.  but it still counts!

and since i promised movita loni ,val and awesome sauce, i couldn't NOT deliver.

damn, that's hot.

ahem.  i did not realize at the time that val had kind of, let himself go.  not that there's anything wrong with gaining weight.  just ask my belly! but i couldn't help cracking up at this.  "i went to the...

also - side note - when making that "amazing" collage, i somehow managed to set it as my desktop background and screen saver.  and later my son said "who are those people?!" and i pretended not to know.  just some random folk, son.  go watch some tv.  WKRP in cincinatti, anyone?

*if you comment with this movie reference you are my new BFF.  congrats.  you rock.


B Greene said...

So, are you a fan of the volleyball scene in Top Gun??? Do you feel the need... the need for speed?

Oh... the cake looks awesome, too, btw!

Sara said...

Some kind of netting or a pepper based spray could work too.

I knew a lady back in the day that had a son that was in that Top Gun movie.

Jenni said...

This is the best Pizza in a Cup I have ever had! Hello, new BFF:)


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