Monday, April 23, 2012

meet me at my picnic!

it's week two of sewmamasew's fat quarter idol contest!  this week's theme is "meet me at the picnic" and i chose ruby star shining's vintage flowers green as my starting point. 

then i added in some bright deep turquoise and yellows.  you can see my whole board here.  i think these colors would make a great picnic blanket, and i love the pops of purple and turquoise! 

sorry for the lack of images, our laptop is hanging by a thread (broken keyboard and hinge, and now my print screen button on my extra keyboard isn't working!) and of course, picnik just closed down, frowny face.  so i don't have a pretty pic to share.  hopefully i'll figure something out soon!

now.  i have a pattern to finish testing today, and the kcmqg kandinsky challenge to complete by thursday.  time to get that sewing machine humming!  have a great week!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Sorry to hear your computer is down Tammie...hope you get it fixed. Don't want to miss ya online!


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