Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Modern Quilts Illustrated review!

I recently had the chance to review a new magazine,
 Modern Quilts Illustrated!   
Designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, it retails at $14.  This is one to buy for sure!  It features three original quilt projects, as well as lots of great information on choosing fabrics and colors.

This is a high quality publication - no advertisements, a sturdy cover, and excellent photography.  Each issue will feature The Cutting Table, two pages filled with tips for combining fabrics and more, trivia and new products and patterns.  Palette Chasing is another feature you can expect each issue, where they will share color inspiration found in unexpected places, like the Library of Congress!  They are planning three issues a year, each with three original projects.  They assure us that these are modern quilts that will still appeal to the traditional quilter!

Ok, so if you're used to getting magazines that are over 100 pages in length, you may feel like, huh, 17 pages.  But those big mags are filled with ads, and more ads, and just a handful of projects!  Modern Quilts illustrated reads more like a modern pattern booklet than a magazine, which I really enjoyed.  I love it's uncluttered design, gorgeous photos, and $14 for three quilt patterns?  That's a steal!  For some sneak peeks, check this out!  I can't wait to start Beatrix!  Looks like Sawyer likes this one too :)

I am so excited for next month, when Weeks Ringle is speaking at the KCMQG meeting!  She writes Craft Nectar, and designs quilts, fabrics, and much more with her husband Bill Kerr at FunQuilts and Modern Quilts Studio.  Thanks so much for letting me check out your newest project!!

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Mary Anne said...

Great Review Tammie! I am one of those "Super Fans" that Shea referred to last night. Did you know that you can get a yearly subscription to Modern Quilts Illustrated? Issue 2 was recently released and it is just as wonderful as the first!


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