Friday, April 27, 2012

my kandon'tsky

another amazing guild meeting last night!  it was time to present our kandinsky challenge quilts, which will be displayed at the machine quilters showcase in may.  (wow, is that week going to be a busy one or what?! more on that later!)  anyways, my challenge quilt is still pinned to the wall upstairs.  i needed 143 2 1/2 solid squares, and i was hoping to not repeat any fabrics but i only made it halfway.  i pixelated the image from this:

to this:

and started going through my scads of charms, looking for solids, batiks and tonal fabrics.  and i actually liked how it was going but was too lazy to push through.

and now i kinda wish i had, even though all the other quilts would have blown me out the competition!  i mean, really.  look at these awesome quilts that won best in show last night!

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