Saturday, April 28, 2012

pallets 101

so after weeks of staring at the piles of pallets outside the grain store in our little town, i finally got up the nerve to go in and ask for one.  for free.  yep.  i marched on in and said, hey can i have some of your stuff for nothing?  not actually.  i stammered and probably looked like a dork.  but she said, sure, you can have one of those over there.

and then as i was getting ready to pick one up, here came ralph.  (it said so on the embroidered name patch on his shirt)  and he proceeded to ask me lots of questions, and then said "ok, those two over there, those are seed pallets and you can't have them, but these here are bean pallets and they're a little heavier, but these two here are just some flimsy little pallets, but what did you want to do again?"  and when i told him i wanted to use the wood to make a barn quilt, he actually knew what one was and told me to go over to so & so's and take a look at theirs, don't think they used a pallet but you could just run over and take a looksie and see how they hung it up, and then he told me if i got home and wanted a bigger one, just to bring that one back and choose another one.

he was so darn friendly!  my dad actually worked for a place like that when he was a teen, and i can just picture him, with his embroidered name patch "Tom", talking everyone's ear off!  it really made me smile.  so does the perfectly weathered pallet i brought home.

i love our little tractor.  :)   i'm going to try to take the slats off, and then reattach them on one side only with no spaces in between.  that's my plan.  and then i'll paint a quilt block on it, and then seal it somehow.  now if i could just decide what block i want to do!

and last weekend, troy got all the plywood cut for the brook laundry dresser!  he said he'd help me build it today.  i'll have some new projects to share soon, i hope!  meanwhile, check out the flickr pool for the modern barn quilt paint along!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a fun project! I love making old things new again. Whatever block you pick to do will come out just great!


Sara said...

Enjoy yourself:)

Colleen said...

Sounds like a very cool project.
I do hope that you will post pictures once your project is finished as I would love to see it once it's all done


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