Saturday, April 14, 2012

pretty little charms project

i have added a new button above called "pretty little charms project".  you can read about the project there!  if you have done a swap with me, or bought fabric from my etsy, you have probably received a couple of the pretty little charms!  i would love to see things being made with them, so if you have used them in something, won't you please add it to my flickr group? 

want to make something but don't have any charms?  leave me a comment, i have extras i can mail out!  i'd love to see what blocks you could come up with!  (they are 3 inch charms.)

happy making!

1 comment:

tubakk said...

I really love charms! Would love to have some of them from you. I can send some back to you too. Greetings from Norway.


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