Sunday, April 15, 2012

tooth fairy visit

emma lost another tooth this week.  it was so loose it could bend horizontally, but she wouldn't let us yank it out!  it actually fell out while she was brushing her teeth!  so we put it in her tooth fairy pouch, and she wrote a letter to the fairy.

only, she was busy decorating the letter with all her scrapbook stuff!  and then she left it on her desk where the, ahem, "tooth fairy" didn't see it until the day after her visit.  probably a good thing, because the fairy doesn't have any answers for those great questions!

anyways, the fairy left her another origami dollar, this time folded into a peacock.  but emma said it was a turkey.  and i couldn't correct her.  :)

and my newest gift addition, a silver charm for her bracelet! i gave her an E this time, but i have a couple more stashed back, for the next couple of teeth that come out.

in case you'd like to try folding some money for your own tooth fairy visits, here are a couple other easy ones i've done.  last time i did a heart.  (i should have taken pics at the time, they are a little messed up now!)

and the time before a butterfly.

and before that i made her a ring, rolled up a letter from the tooth fairy and tucked it inside.

there's also a ton of great ideas in this link round up at under the table and dreaming!  i was thrilled to have mine included!

sadly, our 6 year old son, who hasn't lost any teeth yet, told me he thinks i am the tooth fairy.  he said he's pretty sure.  of course, once she leaves some presents for him i bet he will change his tune!!  haha!  i don't want them to grow up this fast!! 


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Darling! What great memories your kids will have of losing teeth! My son has similar doubts about such things, and we just tell him that only those who believe receive treats! He now keeps his doubts to himself and plays along nicely! Smart kid!


♥Duff said...

Soooooo sweet! thank you for sharing! I love this type of kid stuff :O)
One time we actually tied string to the tooth and door handle (you know the rest) so my son received a special note and extra $$ for his "bravery"! haha!

Sara said...

That is really great money folding and for gifts---pretty cool!

I received the drawstring bag and goodies yesterday!! The bag is amazing...SO cute I am trying to find the perfect use for it now:) Thank you for your sweet gifts:):):):)

Kelli said...

I love this! My daughter Emma is at the stage where she questions how the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny can really do all of the things they do, but she's not ready to give it up, so she convinces herself that everything is just right. ;) My son swallowed both of his first two loose teeth (on separate occasions), so he had to write a note to the TF explaining himself! I told him to chew a little better next time he had a loose one...

jackson dentist said...

Wow, they look amazing. I'm pretty sure that your daughter was ecstatic.

Lanie @ MomsOverboard said...

My dentist Sevierville TN actually suggested the same idea. Since then, my kids are no longer depressed or scared of losing their milk teeth. Most of the time, they took the initiative to take out their falling teeth.

daniellaprice30 said...

I remember the times when me and mom made tooth pillows and tooth fairy bags after my tooth was removed by our dentist from Laurel. It was a good bonding experience and I was really expecting every single day that the tooth fairy would replace my tooth soon.


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