Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wednesday already?!

hope everyone had a wonderful easter!  we had beautiful weather and even a nice rain to help the garden out. the kids enjoyed several egg hunts, four actually - preschool, town, church & family!

so much candy!  do you have a favorite? ( mine is sixlets.)

i finally finished up my march blocks for do good stitches.

although i kind of like them like this too :)

and i got my april cross blocks finished too!  that's gotta be a record for me, a full 2 weeks before the end of the month!

it helps that they are super easy.  i also cut charms for a swap i'm doing.  swoon, i haven't forgotten you!  i took my "design wall" (flannel tablecloth) down to clean in my sewing nook, and moved my ironing stuff there instead.  and now, i'm not sure where i'll put it.  maybe i'll make a smaller version to hang above the ironing station?

oh! i found this weird little dowel doodad at the thrift store yesterday, and knew it would be perfect for my grosgrain ribbons.  and it was.  :)

and so were these two lil bunnies.  i found them about 2 weeks ago, just in time for easter.  love his little pipe!

1 comment:

Sara said...

We are looking at a frost here tonight..gotta go cover all my plants...booo!

I like the star blocks the other way too---really striking look.


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