Thursday, May 31, 2012


the waikiki one piece by peek-a-boo pattern shop!

our emma loves to pose, doesn't she?!

i really need to learn to take better photos. 

the pattern is really easy to follow, for 3 mos. to 12 years!  i made an 8 for emma, it fits pretty well.  she has a circo brand one piece that's a 7/8, the fit is pretty similar.  she has revised the pattern a bit since i made this, on emma the neckline was a little wide.  i didn't alter the pattern but i could have narrowed it a bit.

this was a personal challenge -  making ruffles, using swimwear elastic, sewing on knit.  i'm most proud of not having to rip out a single stitch while making this.  i'll pause for your applause.  heehee.  so now, i can focus on finishing some of those other projects!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

small projects

i'm a long time reader of amanda at crazy mom quilts.  i didn't think it was possible to love scraps more than me, but i'm pretty sure she does!  i attended their schoolhouse at market and it was my favorite of all the ones i saw!  she and cheryl have a new book called sunday morning quilts, which i am excited for.  they talked about sorting your scraps by color, and using them to make slabs.  anyways, here's a quick look at my crappy photos from that day.

slab technique
ticker tape

cheryl's version of sunday morning

and i am copying her idea for a small projects list.  because i am tired of carrying it around in my head.  and because i love to cross things off a list.  so maybe this will inspire me to finally get some of them finished!

1. dish drainer mat
2. camera strap cover
3. patchwork lanyard for guild badge
4. fabric covered canvases
5. painted canvas for bedroom
6. throw pillows for living room
7. fabric headbands
8. dolman tee for joy
9. crocheted fabric rug
10. glue legs of computer chair

i think ten is a good number to start with, don't you?  i still have a couple of large projects to finish as well.  like my aqua, yellow, and gray patchwork, my swoon, and a zillion other ideas in my tiny brain.  plus some other surprises!  see you soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

strawberry smores

i'm in potluck mode lately - i love making food to share with friends!  the payday bars were good, but kind of sticky.  they had some awesome bourbon slushies at the BBQ yesterday, i will get the actual recipe to share.   it had lemonade, cranberry, and tea in it - it was sweet and slushy goodness!  gorgeous day, we had a great time!

today troy is taking the older kids to the pond to swim and bbq with the in-laws, and so i whipped up some strawberry smores to send with them. 

i use wildtree's strawberry cheesecake blend for my cream cheese, it has cream cheese and cool whip.  but you could always use a whipped strawberry cream cheese from the store.  spread on graham crackers and top with fresh berries, and voila!  a quick yummy dessert that is easy to serve!  you could also throw on some blueberries for the red white & blue effect :)  i know it's not much of a "recipe" but sometimes simple is best.

what am i doing while they are gone?  watching true blood and sewing while sawyer takes his first nap of the last three days.  sheesh.  he is not allowed to give up naps yet.  he won't even be 2 until august!

as soon as the swimsuit pattern is up for sale, i will share the link and photos.  i feel like i could sew anything now!  i learned a lot making that suit.  like, did you know swimsuit fabric is $16.99 a yard?!  ouch!  thank goodness for joann's coupons!  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

happy memorial day!

so the winners of my giveaway have all been emailed - thanks to everyone who entered!!  i loved reading about all your favorite fabric lines! 

emma's suit is coming along swimmingly - sorry, couldn't resist.  why have i been so afraid of knits?!  knock on wood and all that, but it's almost finished and i am loving it!  i still need to do the elastic and add the ties, but here's a sneak peek:

hoping to get up before the kids tomorrow and finish it up!  then we have a BBQ in the afternoon.  i'll be trying out this recipe for homemade payday bars, and making an apple pie too!  and of course, deviled eggs.  troy always wants me to make deviled eggs. 

mom watched the kids today and when i picked them up, they had picked this bouquet for me!  their garden is gorgeous.  my mom has the greenest thumb!  they smell divine too.

hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

summer summer summer!

hope you've all been enjoying giveaway day and finding lots of great blogs!  i have only entered a couple - i've won enough fabric to keep me busy for awhile! 

i finally finished a circle of geese block for bee vintage.  i have wanted to make this block for awhile, but i'm not in love with paper piecing! 

it took me awhile because i either kept forgetting to trim my seam allowance before stitching the next piece on, or i'd stitch it on backwards, or i'd think i had enough to cover the piece only to iron it and see it was missing a corner.  and tearing out those teensy stitches is a chore!  i'm sure with enough practice, i'd get better though, and i love all the perfect points and edges!  i wish i'd paid more attention to my fabrics - the bottom left needs some green to balance.  but it was the last block, and i was ready to be done, so finished is better than perfect, right?!  :)

i also made another pillow - i can barely take credit for this one, i thrifted the embroidered satin.  another one of my "save the supplies" purchases!  it was in a cheap frame, and when i took it out, discovered it had extra fabric.  so i stitched the edges and stuffed it.  i really like it!  it will go great in sawyer's room - i have a nature theme planned for it.  if we ever get the walls put up, that is!  anyways, i'm glad to have given this lovely handiwork a new life!

on the list for today: 

testing an adorable swimsuit(!) pattern for peek-a-boo pattern shop - i'll share as soon as i can!  sewing + knits = nerves...

finish planting my garden - all i have left are my hanging baskets and a few annuals for the beds!  woohoo! 

setting up the baby pool

the kids got out of school tuesday, so i imagine a big part of my day will be spent asking them to stop fighting.  ugh.  any tips for helping them get along?!

Monday, May 21, 2012

yay, giveaway day!

contest is now closed - thanks!

i love sewmamasew's giveaway day so much!  i've made several blog friends through this fun event!   i am sure, coming on the heels of quilt market, there will be tons of really great prizes up for grabs.  so enjoy all that blog hopping, and if this is your first time here, i hope you'll come back again!

this time around, i decided to give away several things i love.  4 prizes, 4 winners!

prize 1.) a fat quarter bundle of vintage sheet fabric.  i sell these in my etsy, and love using them to make quilts.  they are so soft and pretty!  i picked two fun dots and a stripe!

prize 2.) a pair of handmade earrings!  i love the way these dangle and think they are fun for summer!

prize 3.) a hand crocheted washcloth.  these are awesome for scrubbing oatmeal off the table once your messy children are done spilling everything.

prize 4.) a bar of sunflower soap, made here in kansas, the sunflower state!

i'll be using rafflecopter for this giveaway.  if you're new to it, it's really pretty self explanatory.  contest runs until may 25th at 5pm EST.  i will ship prizes by june 1st!  open to US only please! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

eye candy overload

i was in a market coma yesterday.  i drove home sat night after the meetup and spent the day reading the lost hero and thinking about sewing.

and i keep pinching myself.  because i won some really great swag at the modern quilt guild meet up!  so much cool stuff!  look at these pretty solids!

and then a sweet bundle of prints...

and some fun rulers - i don't have any specialty rulers so i'm excited about these!

all of those goodies came in a bundle given by missouri star quilt company! so many thanks to them!  check them out if you haven't already - lots of great videos and tutorials!

they also had door prizes for everyone.  when you came in, you drew a number, and then went to a table in the back to get your prize!  i won a moda layer cake of simply color and some fun sewing loot!  yes, that's a bella charm pack- they passed them out during the meetup! 

i had such a great time.  i got to spend some more time visiting with candice & brooke.   and met elizabeth hartman of oh, fransson! and rae of made by rae, both blogs i have loved for a long time.  amy & david butler were there, but i never worked up the nerve to go talk to them.  maybe next market...

Friday, May 18, 2012

best day ever.

so, you're probably wondering, how was the amy butler show?!  unless we're friends on facebook, you don't know the whole sad tale.   short story - kids got sick.  strep.  i missed it.  and i was sad.  the end.

BUT!  i had enrolled for quilt market, but didn't want to get my hopes up in case my plans fell through and i couldn't go.  my folks are out of town, and troy can always get called into work if there's a problem.  a sweet blog friend jeanne had offered for me to go with her, but i didn't want anyone relying on me just in case.  i'm a loner, dottie.  a rebel.

somehow - i'm still not sure how - i was able to sneak away yesterday and spend the day at schoolhouse and sample spree!   it was a lot of fun, seeing all my sewing idols, like AMH, amanda, elizabeth, and even amy butler!  plus new fabric lines, books, and yummy quilts!  so exciting!

robbie, brooke, stephanie, & candice
and i finally got to meet a blog friend in person!  candice (of squirmy worm studio and made with love)and i met up after they finished with the quilted fish's booth, and we went to sample spree together!  you know it's a good sign when you meet someone for the first time and you're wearing the same shoes.  :)

they were all so nice, and sweet brooke even split the very last FQ bundle of simply color with me.  as in, she had it in her hands and then we realized it was the last one, and she tried to give it to me and then offered to share.  what a doll!  i still can't believe how fast moda bundles cleared that table!  we were even in the front of the line, and they were already running out of things!  super happy with what i got!  i held that fat eighth bundle of "mama said sew" in my lap and petted it on the drive home. 

i also hit the robert kaufman booth, and bought a pattern from cluck cluck sew.

now that it's over, i wish i would have bought more, but at the time i felt a bit guilty for buying more fabric!  

anyways, it was a great day, and i'm so happy i got to go.  i saw several friends from guild, met a couple more twitter & flickr "friends", and was too shy to talk to a few others.  i'm going to be back on saturday for the MQG meet up, so i'm looking forward to that as well.

today i am staying home with three little boys and snuggling on the couch.  life is good great.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

off to see the wizard!

tonight i am off to see amy butler in KC!  super excited, as i've read all her books - even found style, which made me almost hate her and want to be her, all at the same time.  seriously.  their house is amazing!  and so not childproofed.  i am even going to have her sign some fabric, yes i'm a geek!  hopefully i will have some photos to share!

this week is heaven for quilters - amy butler tonight,  denyse schmidt doing a booksigning on thursday at bernina, and the machine quilt showcase at the OP convention center, and quilt market downtown, and the MQG meetup saturday night!  sure wish i had a nanny so i could spend the week up there!

meanwhile, i made jam thumbprint cookies for the preschool program tonight.  i forgot i needed to drop off a dozen at preschool this morning, so i made these up after getting the kids on the bus!  these are my go to quick cookie - it uses a bag of sugar cookie mix and tastes so yummy.  and seriously, mix it up and they bake in ten minutes.  super quick, even when you wait until the last minute to make them!   i used blueberry jam for these, but strawberry is good too.  maybe with chocolate drizzle...

linking with what i whipped up wednesday

Monday, May 14, 2012

teacher gift idea!

when i realized zach's last day of preschool is um, tomorrow,  i thought i better come up with something fast and easy for the teachers!

walmart has these lidded cups for $4 and i use mine all the time. so three new cups and a few boxes of lipton to go and crystal light later, i am done!

i made the tags using free clip art and picmonkey, my replacement for picnik.  i'm still playing around with it, but so far i'm liking the effects they have!  hey teachers - should i have left out the hypen?  that's sort of bothering me...

this idea originally came from family fun magazine, with actual tea bags, but it's summertime and that says "ice tea" to me!  i did this idea last year too, but different teachers & school so i should be ok!

and there are lots of tea singles left over for me ;)   feel free to borrow the tag if you need a last minute gift idea!  and thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy mother's day!

after such a productive first day of being homebound, the rest of the week was the exact opposite!  i did cook a few yummy dinners (brown sugar/mustard glazed ham steak, lasagne, and pioneer woman's pan fried round steak!)

and i rearranged the older boys' room.  isn't it funny how moving things around can make such a difference?  they were super excited and the room feels bigger now.  i also tackled cleaning the couches in the family room.  then i decided i should make some new throw pillows.  here's one i'm working on!  remember jenifer's applique class i took?

swim said the mama

i machine quilted a bunch of wavy lines to be the water, and then used some pearl cotton from granny marie's stash to do a simple running stitch around each of the fish.  i am using a ds quilts fabric for the backing. i worked on that while catching up on my latest obsession, true blood. i'm on season 2!  troy is a saint and watches it with me, shaking his head the whole time!

i donned my favorite apron today to do some damage in the kitchen!

the view from here
i'm baking pie for mother's day dinner tonight at troy's mom's. made this apple pie and i also did banana pudding from this recipe. only i made a cinnamon graham crust and am skipping the meringue.  i can't wait for dessert!  it smells amazing in here!  happy mother's day, all you wonderful mommas out there!

linking up with:

I Heart Nap Time

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

no coffee...

day one of hibernation complete.  i woke up to a coffee pot that was broken (we had a storm the night before - maybe it got fried?)  and really wished i had impulse bought those starbucks via packs the other day!  and zach couldn't understand why we couldn't go anywhere.  but otherwise it was quite enjoyable for this momma!

i got caught up on sewing tasks. 

bee vintage block for ohjennymae

"tulip fields" may blocks for do. good stitches.

piecing done on a quilt for kids charity quilt - need to add borders and hopefully quilt today!

watered the gardens with a little help.

still much to do in that flowerbed!  the spiderwort needs split up and moved - there's another hosta tucked in behind there that you can't even see!  more mulch is needed, and we need another truckload of rocks to finish edging along that side of the house.  maybe this weekend!

we watched a movie and ate snacks and zach helped me make cookies during sawyer's nap.  and i have to say, i am looking forward to next school year when the bus will take all three munchkins to school for me!  and to my van being done today - i need a new coffeepot!

Friday, May 4, 2012


it's the weekend already? i've been crazy with a zoo field trip and "feed the teachers" week at our school, plus ball practice is starting and well, life.  you know.  the weekend promises to be extra busy as well!  but fun as always!  better busy than bored, right?

i've been playing with my pretty little charms, based on a block pattern from a shop hop i did last year.  i have to say, i really like the way this block looks!  on point, with sashing, i think i may have found one quilt to make with a few of my vintage charms!  i used a combo of prints and kona for the other pieces.  i can't decide if i should mix up the direction, or keep it like the pic.  blue and green one way, pink and yellow the other.  i really need to make a mini so i can see how the vintage squares wash up.  i'm hoping the colors won't run!

i need to cut some fabrics for a swap, and make blocks for bee vintage.  my van will be in the shop for a day or two next week, so i'm planning to hibernate and get some stuff done.  see you then!  have a great weekend!


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