Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy mother's day!

after such a productive first day of being homebound, the rest of the week was the exact opposite!  i did cook a few yummy dinners (brown sugar/mustard glazed ham steak, lasagne, and pioneer woman's pan fried round steak!)

and i rearranged the older boys' room.  isn't it funny how moving things around can make such a difference?  they were super excited and the room feels bigger now.  i also tackled cleaning the couches in the family room.  then i decided i should make some new throw pillows.  here's one i'm working on!  remember jenifer's applique class i took?

swim said the mama

i machine quilted a bunch of wavy lines to be the water, and then used some pearl cotton from granny marie's stash to do a simple running stitch around each of the fish.  i am using a ds quilts fabric for the backing. i worked on that while catching up on my latest obsession, true blood. i'm on season 2!  troy is a saint and watches it with me, shaking his head the whole time!

i donned my favorite apron today to do some damage in the kitchen!

the view from here
i'm baking pie for mother's day dinner tonight at troy's mom's. made this apple pie and i also did banana pudding from this recipe. only i made a cinnamon graham crust and am skipping the meringue.  i can't wait for dessert!  it smells amazing in here!  happy mother's day, all you wonderful mommas out there!

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Sara said...

Happy Mothers Day Tammie!! Apple pie yummy!!


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