Friday, May 18, 2012

best day ever.

so, you're probably wondering, how was the amy butler show?!  unless we're friends on facebook, you don't know the whole sad tale.   short story - kids got sick.  strep.  i missed it.  and i was sad.  the end.

BUT!  i had enrolled for quilt market, but didn't want to get my hopes up in case my plans fell through and i couldn't go.  my folks are out of town, and troy can always get called into work if there's a problem.  a sweet blog friend jeanne had offered for me to go with her, but i didn't want anyone relying on me just in case.  i'm a loner, dottie.  a rebel.

somehow - i'm still not sure how - i was able to sneak away yesterday and spend the day at schoolhouse and sample spree!   it was a lot of fun, seeing all my sewing idols, like AMH, amanda, elizabeth, and even amy butler!  plus new fabric lines, books, and yummy quilts!  so exciting!

robbie, brooke, stephanie, & candice
and i finally got to meet a blog friend in person!  candice (of squirmy worm studio and made with love)and i met up after they finished with the quilted fish's booth, and we went to sample spree together!  you know it's a good sign when you meet someone for the first time and you're wearing the same shoes.  :)

they were all so nice, and sweet brooke even split the very last FQ bundle of simply color with me.  as in, she had it in her hands and then we realized it was the last one, and she tried to give it to me and then offered to share.  what a doll!  i still can't believe how fast moda bundles cleared that table!  we were even in the front of the line, and they were already running out of things!  super happy with what i got!  i held that fat eighth bundle of "mama said sew" in my lap and petted it on the drive home. 

i also hit the robert kaufman booth, and bought a pattern from cluck cluck sew.

now that it's over, i wish i would have bought more, but at the time i felt a bit guilty for buying more fabric!  

anyways, it was a great day, and i'm so happy i got to go.  i saw several friends from guild, met a couple more twitter & flickr "friends", and was too shy to talk to a few others.  i'm going to be back on saturday for the MQG meet up, so i'm looking forward to that as well.

today i am staying home with three little boys and snuggling on the couch.  life is good great.


Candice @ Made With Love said...

It made my day being able to meet you- thank you!!! :)

Sara said...

Awesome!! Glad you got away and had some "me" time!

Brooke said...

so, so loved meeting you!!!! I will be following!! Spending time getting to know you was a wonderful highlight! A friend of Candice's is right up high on my list!!!

Mama Pea said...

Haha! I bough a lot and felt guilty for buying so much. I'm with you, though. I was pretty overwhelmed with sample spree!


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