Wednesday, May 9, 2012

no coffee...

day one of hibernation complete.  i woke up to a coffee pot that was broken (we had a storm the night before - maybe it got fried?)  and really wished i had impulse bought those starbucks via packs the other day!  and zach couldn't understand why we couldn't go anywhere.  but otherwise it was quite enjoyable for this momma!

i got caught up on sewing tasks. 

bee vintage block for ohjennymae

"tulip fields" may blocks for do. good stitches.

piecing done on a quilt for kids charity quilt - need to add borders and hopefully quilt today!

watered the gardens with a little help.

still much to do in that flowerbed!  the spiderwort needs split up and moved - there's another hosta tucked in behind there that you can't even see!  more mulch is needed, and we need another truckload of rocks to finish edging along that side of the house.  maybe this weekend!

we watched a movie and ate snacks and zach helped me make cookies during sawyer's nap.  and i have to say, i am looking forward to next school year when the bus will take all three munchkins to school for me!  and to my van being done today - i need a new coffeepot!

1 comment:

Sara said...

We are getting a storm right now. i love the rain:)

Isn't that the case though,it always seems we need mulch too around here!


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